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Dear Friend,

You already know there are MILLIONS of web tools, apps, extensions, and add-ons you can use. Many of them are good. Some, not so much. However…

I’ve picked the best of the large litter with the most benefits and least hassle. This came to a total of 22 tools. I asked Wayne Hatter to demonstrate them to you.

Inside these 22 videos, you’ll see exactly what the tool is, where to download it, and how to get it working on your computer, tablet, and phone. Wayne has recorded 22 videos I want you to see today risk-free.

Work More FOR Yourself…
Just Not BY Yourself…

Imagine you have an invisible team of workers at your side, doing your bidding, without stopping, ever. Your team members are always ready to improve your life. Help you wake up later. Do more of what you want to, less of what you don’t. Afford better coffee.

Here’s what else you WILL experience:

• Send large files to anyone with ease (those tiny “25 MB” limits will not apply to you anymore!). See how to make 2 GB your new limit.

• Wrangle your social media accounts. Don’t let them take over your life. Certain tools will help you get a grip on your accounts to make them easier to manage, handle, and enjoy

• Personal assistants to manage your time and keep you focused, for FREE! How to force limits on how much time you spend on certain sites (like Facebook). Access any and all accounts you have online with one “master password.”

• Enjoy reading and writing again. How to get 10,000 miles away when you write (without leaving your chair). Read content online in comfort without distractions, diversions, or advertisements.

• Get research done faster; download a top-of-the-line screen capture software for free; conference with one person or ten; hide your IP address and protect your privacy…

…and so much more!

Are you being TRACKED?

If you use Google or Facebook, then the answer is a loud YES! You are being tracked: every website you visit, every phrase you search, even your emails are ready DAILY.

Maybe not by a human, but make no mistake. Your emails are read by a computer. Mention “wedding dress” in a Gmail and watch the ads you see change right after you hit Send.

Google and Facebook collect data from your computer. You can use the tool in VIDEO 22 to actually see with your own eyes what companies like these are collecting on you, right now!

Plus, you can turn off ANY of these privacy-invading tactics of theirs whenever you want. Just click a button and the invasion stops!

Your IP address can be HIDDEN from any website you want. Just use the free tool in VIDEO 21 and you’ll have an iron dome of protection over your personal life and data.

Needless to say, if your identity is stolen, it could cost you hours of time and many headaches to get everything right again. Let these 22 tools keep you safe in your online world (they won’t cost you anything to help).

Those are just 2 videos from our new course
22 Free Productivity Enhancing Web Tools

My name is B. Roo and I’m the Chief Animal Officer here at The Net Results. I’m also the best-looking employee by far. Real far.

22 Free Productivity Enhancing Web Tools is 2 hours and 26 minutes designed to upgrade your life in many areas. You’ll get more done, easier and sooner than usual. While you get more done, your effort will be multiplied and seem more fun than ever before – GUARANTEED!

You get 22 videos today and you won’t risk a penny either. I’ll let you watch them as much as you want for one whole year. And since our new baby won the Weekend Special Vote…

You can get all 22 videos for only $7…

All 22 tools are absolutely free of charge. Some have paid options so the company can turn a profit, but only upgrade if you want to. You may find some to be worth it (I did).

Isn’t 32 cents worth any one of these benefits you get today? Look what can be yours just seconds from right now:

• How to make one password work for ALL your online accounts

• Protect the unsecure and private info you already have on your computer

• Prevent identity theft and account hijacking

• Remember almost everything. Capture anything. Find anything you have saved. Access your stuff from anywhere.

• Free access to a library of business documents, templates, contracts, agreements, and forms. You also get courses, academic papers, books, videos and more on topics like: estate planning, personal finance, job applications, employee review sheets, partnership agreements, and more!

• Interact with every word on any web page. Research deeper into any word or phrase you can highlight with your mouse.

• Tired of Skype but think Go2Meeting is too expensive? Real-time meeting rooms so you can work with up to 10 people.

To Save Or Make You $100
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Download your copy of 22 Free Productivity Enhancing Web Tools right now. You WON’T risk a penny for the next 365 days. Who else gives you so long to test his claims?

You WILL enjoy working online more than ever before.

You WILL love the power added to your arsenal of tactics to help you be better at what you do

You WILL either save or earn $100 because of what you learn in these videos or you WILL NOT pay for them, plain and simple.

Agree this is the best $7 you ever spent, or I just won’t keep it. I refuse. So you send an email to my two-legged homo sapiens at Tell Rayna, Jordan, or Stacey that Bucky told you to tell them you want your $7 back, pronto! And you’ll get it too. It will be the nicest, quickest refund you ever get.

I can only make a deal like this, because I know if you’ll just try my 22 videos, you’ll agree they’re worth every penny of that 32 cents each.

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Thanks for reading my letter.

Your friend,

Buck A. Roo
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P.S. If you order right now, I’ll include a VIDEO 23 on a mystery tool we think you’ll enjoy, if you get the right introduction to it. But that’s not all.

If you order right now, I’ll also include a 19-page guide called 22 Free Web Tools. You’ll get brief descriptions and direct download links for all 23 tools in this package.

Why not try this for so little? Only 32 cents per video. You don’t risk a red penny for the next 365 days. Start today to get more done while you work less and have more fun.

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