Buck’s desk
Friday, 10:27 am
11 November 2011

What can you buy with one hundred dollars?

Even at today’s inflated prices, $100 goes a long way…

For starters…

You can stop drinking Bud Light and try some real damn beer. You can have a delicious meal at a nice restaurant, hire a babysitter, buy clothes somewhere other than Wal-Mart, get an iPod shuffle, rock a new pair of shoes, new eye glasses, new sun glasses, and even a new dog (but not a fancy one, and never a chihuahua).

Or you can buy a digital camera, a decent amount of groceries, two fill-ups of gasoline, one hundred cheeseburgers from McDonald’s, six thousand bowls of Ramen noodles, and an almost infinite supply of business cards from vistaprint.

Or you can buy 101 songs from iTunes and still have a penny… you can go to the movies, have a person clean your house (and give your wife a break!), have your car detailed, get that therapy session you need before you snap, or you can be real sweet and mail it to your grandma.

You can pay for a massage, dirty romance novels or worse… the Twilight series, a bicycle with a comfortable seat, or one of those new memory foam pillows…

As you can see, there’s lots of ways to spend $100, now…

Here’s 87 ways to make $100 per day

What do I have for you today? A 92 page PDF detaling 87 different models that can get you earning $100 per day. All of them require work, some more than others, and some you won’t be able to do because you won’t have the skills required.

But you will find many you are qualified for and each method contains all the websites and resources you will need.

From forums, Facebook, social media, writing, Fiverr, podcasting, reselling, counseling, translating, outsourcing, referrals, website brokering, domain brokering, buying and selling links, SSL certificates, eBay, ebooks, surveys, data entry, virtual assistance, contests, editing, proofreading, phone handling, email handling, web surfing, ad clicking, freebie sites, software, web development, app testing, uptime monitoring, hosting, backup services, stock photography, vidoes, t-shirts, banners, logos, cartoons, scrapbooking, and a WHOLE lot more…

It’s all here.

And this weekend…

“Two shall be one…”

Big news:

James J. Jones is getting hitched today, November 11th, 2011 — You see why? How can you forget 11/11/11 as an anniversary?

To celebrate, we’re going to do something special for you… in fact, I’m calling it…

The Honeymoon Special

Get 87 Ways and you’ll also get Freelance Mastery where you’ll learn…

Insider secrets to make a fortune as a freelancer

    This isn’t about shiney objects. Join people like…

  • Sandra Morris who earns $20.00 for every single page of content she writes, with orders flooding her inbox 24 hours a day!
  • Ryan Peters who had to take his website down because he was so bombarded with orders for his design services, he just couldn’t keep up!
  • Catherine Andrews who has generated over $19,900.00 in a single month writing ebooks, articles and reports from her home office.

Imagine being paid $4,000.00 a week just for writing short reports, or $500 a DAY as a virtual secretary to a handful of professional companies! The opportunities available to you cover all job types, across all markets, and cater to all experience levels and locations.

And this package goes hand-in-hand with 87 Ways to Make $100/Day

And you’ll find out exactly how you can find these jobs!

Don’t you want to work from home? Or work on your own schedule? With no restrictions, no drama, no micro-manager over your shoulder, no difficulties, and no boss?

With this package, you won’t have to buy any additional and costly equipment or software, no interviews, no learning curves, no onling testing…

Here’s how to get started…

This is guaranteed for 60 full days…

We’ve doubled the refund policy at Seven Buckaroos. You have 60 days to try out this Honeymoon Special… and if you disagree with anything I’ve said… ifyou’re not satisfied in any way… send me an email and get every penny of your money back, no questions asked.

There’s no reason to delay.

The price is will more than triple at midnight November 13th, 2011 — so take advantage of this risk free offer right away.

Buck A. Roo

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