The seven dollar special this week is 8 Profitable Business Models
And whoever named it that must have been smoking a pea-sized white crack rock. Because the name doesn't do it justice!
These videos aren't simply detailing "business models"… but ways to create income streams (with the Internet).

Each one of these "concepts" comes with one video. I'll list the title of each video plus details below:

First up…

VIDEO 1: Forum Marketing For Idiots

-Is starting your own forum a good idea?

- How to track the pulse of the online market (and what people are saying about you).

- Why being a cry baby on a forum will get you nothing.

- What to do if the forum doesn't kick you out.

- How to ensure you stand out in the crowd.

And then…

VIDEO 2: How To Run A Warrior Special Offer

- What sells?

- What to do after they buy…

- The information you should include in your signature.

- The art of "bumping". And should you even do it?

And third…

VIDEO 3: How To Use Webinars For Marketing

This video, by Jason Fladlien, details how he makes money with webinars. And I can vouch for that. He's a copywriter (of Viking descent) and has made a lot of cash doing webinar broadcasts.

At number four we have…

VIDEO 4: How To Conduct Ask Campaigns

The bid idea: Why create products nobody wants? Use Ask Campaigns to detect the pulse of your market and sell people what they want.

- When and How to do them.

- How to analyze your results.

Up next is…

VIDEO 5: Overnight Blogging

- What's the best stuff to blog about?

- The RAT GUM blogging formula.

- Never struggle to come up with blog post ideas again!

- Ways to differentiate your blog.

And then at number six is…

VIDEO 6: Video Marketing On CRACK

- Never run out of ideas for videos again.

- What to do in videos.

- What formats are best for internet video? What about download-able video?

- How to solve the "bandwidth" problem.

- Discover how to bang out a bunch of videos in one sitting!

Next to last we have…

VIDEO 7: Turk Profits

- What hell is crowd-sourcing?

- The big idea: How to make money with cheap labor.

And last but not least…

VIDEO 8: How To Be An Offline Marketing Consultant

- How to demonstrate your expertise (so you get hired).

- A marketing system you can model.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes the list of videos you should get, right now.

Of course, this low price doesn't last forever. It goes up as soon as we come into the office on Monday.
So get it now.

Buck A. Roo

P.S. For only seven dollars you can get the eight videos listed above. Only you know if this is right for you. But if you like fresh ideas and new strategies to get your brain percolating with money-making ideas, pick up 8 Profitable Business Models, right now. You'll have something to keep you busy this weekend!


P.S.S. Remember too, that you get an iron clad money back guarantee. If you're not thrilled with this let us know and my support ladies will give you a refund.