Collect coins to purchase the weekend special or cool items from my gift shop.

Here’s How You Can Earn Coins

>> Register as a Troop member.

Go ahead and do it now, I’ll wait here for you. You’ll get 25 coins just for signing up if you haven’t already:

Done? Great and congratulations on earning your first coins! There are plenty more where that came from… here are a few more ways to earn coins:

>> Spin the Buck a Roo Slot Machine

Yep, every day you can spin the slot machine and win up to 50 coins per day. You’ll find the slot machine on the home page here:

>> Log In to

Yep, just login here and you’ll get yourself 10 of my lovely coins every day: {LINK}

>> Refer Your Friends

Go here and get your special referral link:

Then pass it around on Twitter, Facebook, eMail, and whereever your internet travels take you…

You get 5 coins every day for each friend who logs in at (that’s right, every single day — and that can really add up fast! :>

Get 20 of your best blokes signed up and you get a nice pile of 100 coins every day they log in. (that’s what we call residual coinage… life doesn’t get much better than that now does it? :>

>> Vote for the Weekly Special

When you vote for the Weekly Special you’ll earn 10 more coins!

You can vote from Tuesday afternoon – until Thursday morning every week at this link:

>> Open Any BuckGuru branded Software

Simply open up any of my Software product, such as the Watchboard and you’ll immediately be awarded 10 gold coins! (That’s once per day so don’t get trigger happy there. :>

We’ll be adding many more ways for you to earn coins in the future.

Here’s How You Can Spend Coins

We have a Coin Mall where you can use your coins to purchase everything from an autographed picture of yours truly to a Lear Jet!
(note: the Lear Jet will require a bit more coins than my likeness :>

You can find the gift shop here:

And you can also cash your coins in for the $7 special of the week.

700 coins will give you enough to grab it. If you have the coinage and you’re logged in you’ll see this button under the regular buy button:


Just click that button and you’ll own the product! (and the coins will be deducted from your account — sorry but that’s economics in action :>

Ok, so how do you keep track of your coinage?

After you log in to look at the top right of my Living Room and you’ll see your total coins displayed.

Also, when you open your BuckGuru Watchboard you’ll see a tally of your coins on the main page in the Dashboard here:


The Dashboard shows your coins, links to products you’ve purchased and a few other things.

Now go forth and earn coins! I know you’re just dying for that Autographed picture of me aren’t you?

Don’t worry, I’ll never tell. :>