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The multiple ways you can manipulate Adsense for more profits

One important thing to focus on to maximize profits for adsense

Selecting a theme for your website that will stay profitable for the long haul

Resources you can use to help dig up profitable topics without fail

A step-by step, no B.S method used for pulling out profitable keywords easily

A unique kind of tag that attracts Google’s search engine spiders to index your webpage double quick time

Google rules you’ll need to be aware of or all your efforts will go to waste!

How to choose the right ad size so your profits will skyrocket tenfold!

How color and layout can easily affect your Adsense ads returns

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Yes, I’ll be honest – there are marketing ‘experts’ and gurus out there who provide information and advice on Adsense as well.

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It’s a fact : Adsense works, and neither is it dying or obsolete. There are just too many marketers out there who don’t know their work and place the blame on the system and product when it’s their incompetence, not Adsense itself.

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