Introducing Google Adsense Traffic…

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making this course for you…

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By far, the easiest way to make a decent income online is with Google Adsense — you won’t get rich overnight, but this course will show you how to get the work done in the simplest, easiest way without overwhelming you.

The problem: Getting traffic is the hardest thing to do. Most websites never get enough and that’s why they never make a penny for their owners…

Most Adsense courses don’t do this…
Most Adsense courses show you the in’s and out’s of Adsense. And this one will too… You’ll still learn fascinating tactics like:

- How to get more clicks on your ads by changing the way you think! Focus on three things and Google will pay you for years.

- Step by step tutorials for creating the ads that will go on your site. HINT: You’ll get more clicks if you make the ads match your site’s colors. Video 15 shows you how.

- Where Google says to place ads for maximum clicks.

- Why screw with HTML when you don’t have to? The WordPress plugin that makes ads appear without using confusing html codes.

- Monitor your ad performances to maximize your income — you can’t grow what you can’t track.

But here’s where every other Adsense course falls short. They’ll talk your head off about Adsense… but how are you going to make money, without traffic? That’s why we cover…

Traffic getting techniques to boost earnings
- Four ways to get free targetted traffic to your blogs.

- Free resources to find content your readers are desperate to know and are already searching for.

- Where to find unlimited ideas for hot niches.

- The fundamentals of keyword research and finding the perfect keywords for your content.

- How to build a platoon of powerful backlinks pointing at your sites with linkwheels.

- How to get links from 44 different social networks fast.

- Harness the power of blog commenting using Low Hanging Traffic.

Here’s what you’re getting
Wayne Hatter, a member of The Net Results team, made this 19 video course just for our customers. Here’s what’s included…

  • Introduction Video
  • Video 1 – What is Google Adsense?
  • Video 2 – The Adsense Mindset
  • Video 3 – How does Adsense work?
  • Video 4 – Creating an Adsense account
  • Video 5 – Finding a Domain with the Google Keyword Tool
  • Video 6 – Finding a Domain with Micro Niche Finder
  • Video 7 – Finding a Hot Niche
  • Video 8 – Finding Keywords for Content
  • Video 9 – Finding Topics and ARticles for your Keywords
  • Video 10 – Creating your Website with Blogger or WordPress
  • Video 11 – Article Directory Submission
  • Video 12 – Link Building
  • Video 13 – Social Bookmarking
  • Video 14 – Blog Commenting
  • Video 15 – Creating Adsense Ad Units
  • Video 16 – Ad Placement for Blogger
  • Video 17 – Ad Placement for WordPress
  • Video 18 – Adsense Ad Performance

Two Month 100% Money Back Guarantee
Just send me an email or give us a call here at Roo Center… aka The Net Results at 980-819-9430 or go to and send one of my humans a ticket. We’ll take care of you ASAP, give you every penny of your money back, and you get to keep the product. Now you can see, all the risk is on my handsome roo shoulders.

Try Google Adsense Traffic right away.

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