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Welcome to Our New Home!

G’day troop!

Mi casa es su casa!

Welcome to OUR new digs…


And when I say “OUR new digs” I mean you, and me, and Chris, and Jake, Ainoon, Carol,
Constantino, and the other 10,500 members (and growing!) in our troop.

I think my house-warming party calls for a song, don’t you?

Yeah…that’s my jam!

Yes, after two months of renovations and redecorating and consulting with
the experts it’s finally ready… Announcing:


With BuckGuru.com I will help you start and succeed with your online

The first thing you should do is click the TV and watch the guided tour
video that boss-man James recorded….

(Start channel surfing using the up and down buttons on the
remote control and you’ll discover a Copy Writing Class
from my mate Justin Quick that you can watch now.  More channels
AND classes coming soon!)

P.S. Be sure to leave me a comment on my Facebook Fanpage
and let me and my minions (The Net Results crew) know what you think of our new digs. I have been
bursting at the seams to show you my new pad. It’s been incredibly difficult to keep
this a secret!



WOW! 6,500 Fonts At Your Fingertips

G’day troop!

Ever notice how monotonous the internet looks?

Seriously. It seems like everywhere I look I see Times New Roman, Tahoma, Arial, or *shudder* Comic Sans staring right back at me.

But you know what? Making your website or product stand out from the crowd is as simple as changing the font you use.

If you are ready to have some fun with fonts (you know I don’t lie mates- playing with these are a blast) I got just the product for you.

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I thought I’d sample a few of the Halloween fonts using Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. So without further ado, I present to you:

These fonts highlight just a few of the Halloween fonts…there are literally thousands upon thousands of more fonts from other categories for you to choose from though!

Think about it: 6,500 fonts for only $7. That’s only 0.00107692307th of a penny per font. 

Or, think of it this way: for every $1 you spend, you get 928 fonts. Can you FIND a better deal than that?

It’s a deal! It’s a steal! It’s the sale of the effin’ century! I should just keep this for myself!

Alright, alright, I’ll share. And since we’re all friends here, I’ll throw in a FREE software app to help you manage the fonts.

And, since I care about you so much, I even asked my best mate James to make a quick little video tutorial about how to install the fonts from the folder to your computer (spoiler alert: it’s just copy + paste).

Get this product now and be set with fonts FOR LIFE!

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