An argument against Private Label Rights…

I happen to think most people are inherently lazy.

Perhaps I could use the fact that most people watch five to seven hours of television, per day. Or the fact there are more obese people now than ever before in history.

Yes, any of those facts would do…

And this intrinsic laziness creates a big problem for PLR, but the PLR isn’t the problem… it’s the bonehead who uses it. Because he knows it is better to use the PLR as a skeleton to create unique material — but instead — when it comes time to do the work, he folds. He doesn’t do it…

He just uploads the blah PLR and expects the Earth to shake and the heavens to rain down manna on him. But! It also cannot be denied that PLR can earn you a small fortune… if you use it the right way.

So you still want to use PLR?


Imagine if you walk into a conference room with a long brown table — “Very fancy” you think to yourself…

And there’s a black leather chair just for you.

Seated to your left and right are seven men. Their purpose is to tell you how THEY have taken PLR and used it as a foundation for high value content or products.

Who are they? And what secrets can they share?

Well, keep reading and I’ll tell you…

How To Earn Amazing Profits From Other People’s Hard Work

Here’s your team…

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Buck A. Roo

P.S. This has Buck’s Seal of Approval and is guaranteed for 30 Days.

P.P.S. One customer, Darren Scott Monroe had this to say, “Great job, Chad! And a even greater product, you guys will love this. Jason Fladlien went on a repurpose rant, John S. Rhodes went systems crazy and Tim Castleman is breaking down simple strategies when you have a small list. And James Jones?? WHOA he got the PLR Kindle approach down to a science. Each one has their own angle and it works.”

Another customer, Igor Kheifets, said, “I am not going to bore you with stories, I’m just gonna lay it out straight, because I know that you wanna know… This is an absolute MUST HAVE for any beginner to advanced marketer who’s planning to increase their income using PLR. I mean, you’ll have a hard time finding these kind of tips anywhere else – trust me, I’ve tried. Great Job Chad! Keep up the great work.”