All the benefits of meditation in a fraction of the time… without spending years learning how!

Why many Zen masters and teachers
use this technology to experience bliss
and ecstasy at the push of a button…

The first thing we need to get straight is this…

There is no magic pill or magic wand for personal growth.

However, in recent years a revolutionary new way to tap into your human potential has been developed.

It’s called brainwave enTRAINment! (Not entertainment.)

Scientific studies have proven it can increase intelligence, mental ability, improve memory, boost your imagination and creativity for problem solving, and helps you focus and concentrate.

A Decade Of Hard Work

Perhaps the most unique of all our past specials, this weekend you voted Mass Success Brainwave Audios into the spotlight. Designed by an expert audio engineer who’s worked with musicians from Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, these recordings are high-value, high-production tools you can use to relax and meditate at the push of a button.

Binaural Beats

The most common form of brainwave entrainment is called binaural beats. They promote full brain syncronization, but YOU MUST wear headphones for them to work. But the benefits are staggering and FOUR-FOLD:


Have you ever said something you regretted two seconds later? Have you done something and felt horrible afterwards? Of course! We all have. And that’s because we react to situations automatically…

And often the way we react is not in our best interest.

With these audios, you can defeat the unrelenting stress that keeps you in a bad, pessimistic mood. There’s no need to be ruled by your emotions. You can make constant anger, anxiety, and depression a thing of the past.

With this program you may experience:

  • Calm and poise in all situations, better relationships, better decision-making, clearer thinking, greater happiness and inner peace, increased threshold for stress, a more positive outlook on life, happiness and zest for living;
  • Control anger and aggression, overcome addictions to food or drugs, overcome physical and emotional withdrawal, relieve yourself of everyday petty issues and annoyances, reduce panic attacks, cure phobias;
  • Become emotionally mature; reduce road rage by meditating; bridge the gap between feeling and intellect, quit smoking, become more compassionate, make forgiveness easier, deal with awkward family situations, improve your social skills; be a better parent, increase self-confidence;
  • Plus! Brainwave entrainment can give you grace under fire, make “happy” your default state of being, become more emotionally stable, become an effective leader, improve your “people skills,” cope with grief, become more considerate, increase satisfaction with life, and laugh more…


These audios will open a whole new world of insight because you can:

  • Settle and calm your mind, develop insight, accept yourself, change your attitude toward life and the people in it;
  • Experience unity or one-ness, see the big picture, live in the present;
  • Have lucid dreams, give unconditional love, purify your character, become more spiritual, make yourself wiser.


Stress kills more people than people do.

It’s also a cause to almost every disease and disorder.

The Mass Success Brainwave Audios will help you maximize your physical potential and…

  • Improve circulation, decrease your respiratory rate and open your breathing passages, rejuvenate and revitalize the body, improve the function of your endocrine system to balance hormones and boost immunity;
  • Manage pain, increase and refine your motor skills, reduce blood pressure and back pain, improve digestion, can increase serotonin levels, help you lose weight, relieve nervousness, even cure headaches!
  • Boost your GABA levels, reduce free radicals, boosts melatonin production, reduce PMS symptoms, improve skin tone, restore pH balance, achieve deeper relaxation, improve your body’s self-healing capability, boost endorphins, reduce healthcare costs;
  • Improves your sleep, increases your libido, and helps you deal with the fight-or-flight response.


The Mass Success Brainwave Audios are a personal trainer for your brain and mind.

If you dedicate time to listening, you can shatter personal limitations and:

  • Increase your productivity and efficiency, help decision-making, gives you a fresh perspective, reduces stress, improve focus and concentration, sharpen your mental faculties, improve mental health;
  • Balance your mind and life, improve your attention to detail, increase your IQ and “emotional intelligence,” solve more problems, become a better listener, enchance creativity, increase your capacity for learning;
  • Improves judgment, strengthens power of will, erase limiting beliefs, use your whole brain, achieve your goals, eliminate bad habits.

You get FIVE audio sessions:

Creativity – elevate your creatvity and inspiration

Intelligence – enhance your brainpower and mental acuity

Focus – increase your mental abilities with laser-focused concentration

Meditation – journey deep into your mind and gain insight and perception

Relaxation – cast away your worries and unwind in perfect harmony

Each audio is a 30-minute session, high-quality 320Kbps MP3.

How much is this technology going to cost?

The most popular binaural beats product on the market is called Holosync. It’s strictly binaural beats and costs $179 plus shipping.

But you’re getting way more… because there’s something I haven’t told you. Not only are you getting FIVE binaural beats audio sessions, you’re also getting FIVE sessions made from isochronic tones with DO NOT require headphones and are…

Distinctly more powerful!

Isochronic tones produce what’s called “the 40 Hz Gamma frequency.” What does that mean? Well… you better sit back in your chair.

Gamma is a state of oneness and ecstasy, often called the “feeling of blessings.” The Gamma frequency is also the “master frequency” that enhances entrainment to other brainwave frequencies (Alpha, Theta and Delta) at the same time.

Extensive research has been done on this 40Hz frequency and its effects on the brain, including a paper by Marvin Sams in the Journal of Neurotherapy (1995) Vol. 1, No. 2. Isochronic tones generate the Gamma frequency so you can access…

Absolute bliss anytime!

Isochronic tones are like audio orgasms. Okay… maybe they’re not that good but you’ve got to give them a try. They offer even deeper levels of entrainment, they can be listened to over open speakers (not headphones), and they can produce the 40 Hz Gamma frequency.

The result is far more potent, called “three-dimensional” by some listeners. The tone actually keep you in this desired state for a longer time-period too… And obviously, the longer you “meditate” the more benefits you get.

That’s 10 SESSIONS for only $7.00

I’m telling you… hop on this deal right now. The Mass Success Brainwave Audio programs sells right now for $41.00 — but I’ve got you a special deal and you get them for only $7.00.

What’s better than that? Well… you can try them at no risk with…

The 60-Day “They’ll make a tremendous difference” Guarantee

Download Mass Success Brainwave Audios right now and give one a try… Want to boost your creativity for a special project? Need to relax and get to sleep quicker tonight? Use them… use them all you want for sixty days at no risk. If you’re not happy with what you get, then send me an email, call me, or come by the office and get a full refund. It’s so easy… and my humans are happy to do it for you.

You risk nothing, so give them a try right away!

“Yes! I’ll try them risk-free for 60-days, Bucky!”

I don’t know if they’ll work but I’ll sure give them a try. There’s science to back up these claims and with similar programs selling between $41.00 and $179.00 — this is an absolute steal!

Plus! I get to take advantage of your “Love it or Refund it” 100% money-back guarantee. That means, I can take my sweet time every morning and evening for sixty days, fix a cup of creamy coffee, and relax into this music risk free. If I’m not thrilled with the results, if my muscles don’t melt into the music, if my mind doesn’t calm down, I can get ALL of my money back… every single penny of it. All I have to do is send you an email for a quick refund without questions.

Plus! Even if I get a refund, I can keep all 10 recordings as a thank-you gift for trying these Brainwave Audios. I’ll reserve my copy right now for only $7.00 but that’s just to try them out… my money isn’t your money until after 60 days.

Now give me my download you rascal!

Download Your Copy Now For $7.00
(for this weekend only)

Thanks for reading my letter.


Buck A. Roo

P.S. Would you like to meditate deeper than a monk with years of practice and struggle? Would you like ALL the benefits of meditation in HALF the time? Could you use increased mindfulness, better health and vitality, less stress, inner peace, and many more practical and spiritual benefits?

And you risk absolutley nothing. I’ve tried these audios and there is a DEFINITE marked difference in the way you feel. Just give them a chance. You have sixty days and nights — I’ve given you plenty of time.

I challenge you to suspend disbelief, download them write now, press play and experience blissful mediations.

P.P.S. Here’s what a few users have said:

“…last night it knocked me out quite quickly.”

“It took me a while to getting around to using the audio but did last night and it knocked me out quite quickly. I’ve tried meditation discs before and this one has a very strong vibration through it which I liked.”



“My blood pressure went down 15-20 points”

“I’m very happy with the downloads. I always can’t good sleep but when I hear the sleep-aid, my blood pressure, who is much high goes 15-20 points down already after 10 minutes. Thank you very much. When it goes better with sleeping I tell you. I’m dutch and don’t speek very good english. I want wish you all good thinks and health.”



“Increasing the lucidity of my dream states!”

“Thanks for the message… I have to confess that i’m pretty new to the whole binaural processing but this delta sleep pattern is a nice way to cut my teeth on the whole thing!!

At the moment it has been increasing the lucidity of my dream states, which is always beautiful but i have little else to write home about at this point!!

I do plan on working on some meditative states with it at some point and i’ll be sure to keep you informed on any of my results.

Thank you so much for the download.”


“I’m asleep before it finishes!”

“I have listened to the audio for 15 mins before going to bed and it always helps me sleep. I’m asleep even before it finishes! I love it, Thank you!”