These aren’t likely to make you rich but here’s…

13 Ways It Pays
To Use Your Cell Phone

Here’s how to earn from $0.10 to $200.00 when
you use your Android phone, iPhone, or iPad:

From the sloppy desk of B. Roo
East side of The Queen City
4 January 2013

Dear Friend,

If you have a “smart” phone, then here are 13 ways you can begin today to earn some extra cash.

Not enough to make you rich, but you’ll get free gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants, discounts on products you’re already buying, reward points you can redeem for prizes, magazine subscriptions, cash, coupons, airline miles, music, electronics, and way more!

13 Free & Legit Ways To Earn Extra Money
By Giving Your Opinon

For each of these 13 “methods” you will need to download a mobile app. These apps work on your Android phone, iPhone, or iPad. All of the apps are 100% free of charge and you can download them and begin right away.

My name is B. Roo and I’m the Chief Animal Officer here at The Net Results. We’ve been helping people just like you to earn extra cash to make their lives more comfortable since the late 1990s.

Cell Phone Cash is our latest course. It’s 13 videos, hot off the presses, priced to sell at $27.00, and walks you thru each of these 13 opportunities one-by-one.

Cell Phone Cash lets you look over Stacey Swift’s shoulder and learn how these apps work, how to participate, how to start today, how you get paid, how much you get paid, and what you can get paid with.

Get paid for pictures, cash for coffee,
and points for pasta:

Install the app mentioned in Video 1 of Cell Phone Cash.

Now, the next time you make coffee, take a picture of yourself. This company wants to see how you make coffee, what machine you use, what coffee grounds you buy, etc.

Easy, right?

Now, go to the bathroom or kitchen (wherever you keep your medicine cabinet). Open it up. Take a picture with your mobile phone. Hit send.


The next time you stand in line at the grocery store, take a quick snapshot of all the stuff in your cart. Send it in.

What did that take? All three would take seconds and yet…

You Just Earned Instant Cash Or Credit!


It’s called market research. And big companies are willing to pay cash for your
opinion and feedback on their products.

You can choose “assignments” based on fashion, food and beverage, travel, and so much more! Then, use your credits on Amazon, donate them to Unicef, or cash out with Paypal.

How to turn your down-time into paid-time:

Download the app mentioned in Video 2 of Cell Phone Cash.

The next time you sit in a waiting room, stand in line at the bank, or wait in the car while you pick up kids from school, tap on this app.

You’ll get paid to answer 10-question surveys.

Or if you are eating at a restaurant, use this app to see if there are any surveys for the place you’re dining. You could get paid to have lunch at your favorite places.

You’ll find out exactly how it works inside Cell Phone Cash. You can get a copy risk-free for one whole year using the invitation at the bottom of this letter.

Until you get your copy, you may want to know that you can also…

Get 25 Cents Per Commercial You Watch?

That’s right!

Just download the mobile app mentioned in Video 7 of Cell Phone Cash.

When you are waiting on laundry to dry, on a friend to pick you up, on a date to arrive at your home, why not get paid to watch some ads?

After the ad plays for you, you’ll be asked for your opinion – and if you answer a few questions about the ad…

You Just Earned Instant Cash Or Credit!

Now download the mobile app from Video 8 of Cell Phone Cash.

The next time you’re watching your favorite tv show, like The Biggest Loser, use this app.

Tap a button and let it “hear” what show you’re watching. Then you’ll be asked some questions about the show. If you answer them, then…

You Just Earned Instant Cash Or Credit!

You get points to redeem for movie tickets, music and more. You can also use points for items in their catalog, like: Kindle Fire apps, Apple TV, or gift cards to Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, Lowes, Foot Locker, Travelocity, and many more places.

Now download the mobile app from Video 12 of Cell Phone Cash.

This one is just like playing lotto scratches or slot machines. It costs no money to play.

Or you can use this app when you shop. It will ask you if a certain product is stocked in the store you’re in.

You go to the right aisle. See if it’s there. If you see it, scan the barcode. If not, tell it so. It’s that easy, that simple, that fast. It takes only seconds.

Yet you can get gift cards for iTunes, Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, Neiman Marcus, Subway, Shell Gas Stations, and Home Depot.

You can get airline miles with Delta or American Airlines. You can get all sorts of goodies and gadgets like: a 16gb iPad, iPod Touch, Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones, Toshiba laptops, and Samsung Galaxy Tablets.

How it works is you build up credits and then spend them on what you want. Just like an adult arcade.

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Thanks for reading my letter.

Your friend,

Buck A. Roo
The Net Results, LLC
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Suite 305
Charlotte, NC 28226

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