For people who have said to themselves, perhaps more than once, “Enough with this basic training! I know how to make ebooks. But, for the life of me, would someone show me how to make more money with what I’ve already done and…


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  • Publishers reveal how they increase Amazon royalties by 306.1% from ebooks they’ve already made (without selling more ebooks)…

  • You learn how to take advantage of readers who hate ebooks and wouldn’t buy them unless you put a gun to their head…

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If you have published even one ebook (or plan to), then this will be one of the most profitable messages you ever read.

Two publishers now say there is a way to, literally, in one evening, increase your Amazon royalties up to 306.1% — maybe less, maybe more.


By giving your readers a new option. All you do is turn your ebook into a physical book. In many cases, but not every case, you’ll make more royalties AND keep the same profit margin (because it won’t cost you any money out-of-pocket).

As an example, Jay Boyer, a publisher recognized world-wide as an authority on this matter, has an ebook in the dog training niche. Do you know much about the dog training niche?

You don’t? Well, let me tell you…

It’s saturated. There are lots of substitute products, competitors, other options. But Jay manages to pull $49.00 per month in royalties from that single ebook. And guess what happened when he gave the customer an alternative and offered a physical book…

Royalties went up 306.1%

In fact, the same month he made $49.00 in royalties for the ebook, he made $101.00 in royalties from the physical book.

John S. Rhodes, a #1 best-selling author and publisher, said, “…several of my physical books have earned 2-to-3 times more royalties (every month) versus the ebook version.”

But why such a big difference?

Often, you get the same or even more royalties for a physical book. And think about it. There is a class of reader who finds it difficult to change from phsycial books to ebooks.

I’m one of them!

I’d just rather have the touch-able, smell-able paper in my hand. Plus…

Physical books don’t require software, batteries, an Internet connection, a computer, or any electronic device.

They can’t be deleted, they don’t break, they won’t melt, a hot car interior won’t hurt them, and, at-a-glance, no would-be thief thinks to steal them.

And now you say…

“But Bucky, my love, it’s hard to make paper books!”

Are you pulling my tail?

Really. Are you kidding?

It is not hard! I know because I’ve just went through our newest creation here at The Net Results — right from the desk of Stacey Swift and James J. Jones. It’s called:

How to Get Your First Book Published on Createspace

You get step-by-step tutorials that show you everything.

First, you create a new account with Createspace.

Then, you set up the interior of your book. Do you want white pages? Or cream? And what size would you like it? You get free templates for every size, so setup’s a breeze.

Then, you move to the book cover. Did you know Createspace has built-in images, fonts, and design templates? You don’t need outsources. You just need a mouse to point and click with. It’s as easy and knowing what you like and what you don’t.

You see how to get a free proof copy and then list your book in Amazon and the Createspace eStore. Stacey shows you how to customize what readers see about your book in the eStore.

Then, she teaches you how to setup your royalties.

You see how to track sales, get reports. And when do you get paid? How often? You learn that too.

And why stop with books? Createspace makes CDs, MP3s, DVDs, and video downloads… you learn to take advantage of this service in Video 8.

Helps you make vital decisions – easier, quicker, better

In a survey to customers, 100% said they could easily follow along with the instructions in these videos. That’s important to us because we want you to succeed, to use these videos, to become the author of a published paper book.

Join the Published Author’s Club

If you act right now, you get all eight videos and one “Quick Guidelines” PDF for How To Create Your First Book On Createspace.

The videos are:

1: New Account Setup
2: Adding a New Book to Your Account
3: Interior Book Setup
4: Book Cover Setup
5: Book Review
6: Distribution & Pricing
7: Sales & Marketing
8: Wrap-Up
PLUS: Quick Guidelines PDF

60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
Only $27

You MUST make more royalties than you ever dreamed possible from such a simple tactic. If you already have an ebook, you MUST see your name on a paper book within the next two weeks. This course MUST help you leave the legacy you’ve dreamed about.

You MUST make big money with short books or you won’t pay a dime for this course. Just email humans at or visit us at 11121 Carmel Commons Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28226.

Thanks for reading this letter.

Buck A. Roo