Question: What’s your number one business asset?

If the answer, “My email list,” rang across your mind, you’re absolutely right.

And I bet you know something else. Something that everyone who is familiar with any information market knows, and that is: In every market, there are leaders. Experts. People who get superior results due to an almost god-like amount of knowledge and experience in their field.

And here’s another truth: Those pros have tricks up their sleeves worth their weight in gold.

A collection of such techniques could be invaluable to you.

Of course, I’m talking about our this special, which is Creative Email Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques. Included in this package are five content-rich videos and you also get three mindmaps that go along with certain videos!

When you pay a pro to do something, you’re not paying for what you can see. You’re paying for what you can’t see. The years of hard work plus the blood, sweat, and tears of trial and error that refines and crystallizes thought.

As you read these video titles, think about the years of effort and miles of thought that went in to refining these ideas to present them to you. Here they are:

Video 1: Creating a Responsive Email List

Video 2: All about Email Headlines and Topics

Video 3: Dollar per Subscriber Case Study

Video 4: Advanced List Building Techniques

Video 5: How to Give Your List What They Want

The content inside this special will be ignored by a few people. They will think, “Well… I don’t have a list yet, so I don’t need this one.” Or they’ll think, “I’ll just put this to the side and think about it.”


They don’t understand — procrastination and fear are ugly cousins. They will smile in your face and say you’re doing what’s best… but nothing will ever happen.

Seize this opportunity, just look at some of what you’ll discover:

Four rules for creating the perfect email.

The one thing you must have in every email for it to be effective — most get this totally wrong. And those that know still fudge it up!!

How to get prospects excited at the thought of buying and owning your products.

How to create the hook that gets your emails read! The open rate is greatly influenced by the email subject line (the headlines of the email). Use these tips to make sure you’re not wasting your time and your emails get read.

Boost your income, even with a tiny list! The ONE secret you must know to make lots of money from a small email list.

How to generate massive trust with your subscribers and have them eating out the palm of your hand. PLUS: Use the “Old Acquaintance” trick to get your emails noticed, opened, and read.

Five unique message types you can use to sell or influence with email.

Get your hands on a video case study exhibiting how to built an email list of 4,000 using a brilliant marketing strategy that will allow you to quickly turn a profit. This is hyper-effective list building that, in the end, allows you to build responsive lists at zero cost!

An in depth look at the proper length of emails. (Is there such a thing?)

The Goldie Locks approach to choosing the right frequency to email. How do you know if you’re emailing too little or too often? Buy these videos to get it “just right”…

And there you have it!

This special, wrapped tight and ready to be delivered to your desktop.



P.S. This special is an assortment of five videos (with mindmaps) called Creative Email Marketing Tips, Tricks, & Techniques which consists of expert strategies to ramp up your income by making more money, perhaps a lot more money, with email.