How to get Pagerank, backlinks,
traffic and trust for as little as $5

You do it with domain auctions.

Mr. James J. Jones himself loves to buy domains at auction. Why? Because he gets great deals on better domains than the ones you’d start with from scratch.

What’s better about getting domains at auction?


For one thing, people don’t always realize their domain is expiring. You can snag some excellent domains that have built up trust with Google. Google labels this indicator: Pagerank. And you can, on occassion, find domains with a Pagerank of 2 or higher.

If you buy a domain with a Pagerank of 2, imagine how much further ahead you’ll be than the competitor who starts with a new domain. In fact, most domains on the FIRST PAGE of search results for almost any keyword WILL NOT have a Pagerank of 2.


Domains are like wine, they get better with age. Google likes older websites more than new ones. They’ve had more time to crawl them and get to know them. They trust sites more when they’ve been around longer.

When you buy an aged domain at auction, you are buying a relationship with Google and the other search engines. When you can pick up an aged domain for an extra $5, why not do it?


If a domain is aged and has some Pagerank, there’s a good chance it will have backlinks. And you know how valuable backlinks are to search engine optimization.


If a domain has been around for a while, has Pagerank, and has backlinks, it’s probably been getting traffic. So what could be better than, from the start of your new website, having Pagerank, trust, traffic, and backlinks?

But these waters can be dangerous

If an auction site tells you a domain has a Pagerank of 3… would you know how to tell if that’s true?

Do you know how to research a domain and find out it’s real age?

Can you tell how many backlinks a domain has? Can you see if they’re good or crap?

Can you verify how much traffic a website has been receiving? And for how long?

Most people can’t. So James J. Jones commissioned Wayne Hatter to make a course that would show people how to profit from domain auctions. The result is the product you voted to be this weekend’s special. It’s called:

Auction Domain Hunter

You get 18 videos to walk you through the basics of hunting for domains in auctions.

From where to go, what to look for, bidding techniques, this course covers it all.

If you enjoy going to yardsales, rummaging through old books at Goodwill, walking down the dusty aisles of flea markets, then you’d probably love domain hunting because…

It’s the Internet’s version of treasure hunting

The sky’s the limit. You can profit from domains by:

1) Investing: Buy a domain and hold onto it.

2) Reselling: Buy them for cheap and sell it at a higher price.

3) Flip: Buy the domain, fix it up, make it look better, then flip the website on a site like

World famous domain investor, Frank Schilling, was asked:

“Is it too late to get into domaining?”

He said, “I think there are so many untapped opportunities here.. Within a few years, hundreds of thousands globally are going to be directly employed in this industry.

It is early, not late.

This is like California in the 1960′s. — yes, it’s not the 1920′s anymore, but there are still mountains of untapped opportunity.

I would probably focus on buying and selling, flipping up and bootstrapping profits back into the business if I had to start today.”

You get INSTANT ACCESS to 18 videos

Video 1: What are domain auctions?
Video 2: Why buy domains from auctions?
Video 3: Doman Auction Websites
Video 4: Signing-up On Auction Sites
Video 5: Aged Domains
Video 6: Checking Domain Age
Video 7: Domains with Pagrank
Video 8: Finding Backlinks Of A Domain
Video 9: Pagerank and Benefits
Video 10: Finding High PR Domains Part 1
Video 11: Finding High PR Domains Part 2
Video 12: Domain Backlink Stack and Benefits
Video 13: Finding Domains With Backlinks
Video 14: Signing-up With Godaddy Auctions
Video 15: Techniques on Placing Bids Part 1
Video 16: Techniques on Placing Bids Part 2
Video 17: Wrap-up
Video 18: Winning A Domain

In these videos, you’ll learn:

  • How to buy domains from auction sites
  • Three of the best domain auction websites
  • How to verify the age of a domain
  • How to verify if Pagerank exists for a domain
  • Where to find archived pages of an expired domain. Now you can see what it looked like in the past and what its reputation may be among viewers.
  • How to find the estimated traffic any domain is getting
  • How to find the number of backlinks pointing at a domain
  • Don’t buy lemons! See how to find domains with established and valuable backlinks

And more!

Plus you get everything for…

Don’t delay. Why should you when you get…

Bucky’s 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I’ll give you sixty days (two full months) to try Domain Auction Hunter. Watch all 18 videos as much as you want. Sign up for the auction sites and see what you uncover.

You have plenty of time!

When you see how exciting it is to hunt for this buried treasure online, you won’t want to get your money back. So I’m not worried at all.

You MUST find valuable aged domains with Pagerank, backlinks, and traffic. You MUST be thrilled the domains you’re able to uncover, or you will pay nothing.

Don’t delay, try it now!

Thanks for reading my letter,

Buck A. Roo