Great news.

If you buy this weekend’s 9-video Seven Buckaroo special, Domain Secrets Revealed, with exclusive content created by the one-and-only James J. Jones… then we’re going to do something extra special, just for you.

We debuted our newest software, Domain Finder, on Wednesday night’s webinar. I didn’t see anyone who thought our new creation was anything other than AWESOME. And to further that awesomeness… we’re giving it to you absolutely free for buying Domain Secrets Revealed.

There are hundreds of reasons to buy this Seven Buckaroo special…

First of all, The Net Results Team is always receiving questions like:

“Is the (.net) domain just as good as the (.com)?”


“Are hyphens okay in a domain name?”


“With so many competitors out there… do I even stand a chance?”

But this training takes it much, much further.

You’ll be exposed to some of James Jones’ best kept secrets.

Here’s just a few of the techniques you’ll discover:

Where to buy domains for LESS than you’ll find almost anywhere else.

Type-In-Traffic: All the guidelines you need to know to get the highest quality traffic possible to your website. (And these sites sell well too… if you like to “flip” sites.)

Domaining vs. Developing: There are plenty of ways to make money off domains (without building websites)…

The Expiring Domain Sniper Technique: If you buy an expiring domain, usually the site is already positioned in search engines AND comes with an already-created network of content, backlinks, etc. It’s basically a huge SHORTCUT to having a great site (with authority) that’s getting results. Use this technique to grab sites ready to earn you profits for (sometimes) as little as $40, $30, even $20!

Find out how a website “looked” BEFORE it expired and became a parked domain.

Local Domain Profits: Uncover the tricks to buying domains (carefully selected through keyword research) that could be used by local businesses. You can try selling the domain as-is or develop a website to flip. This is especially useful for “offline consultants” to small business owners.

AND MUCH MORE, but we can’t forget…

Where you can download our newest Domain Finder software, absolutely free. (This is the first secret revealed to you in the first video titled “Resources”.)

Instantly download these videos and get your new software using the link below…

And I must add that I’ll consider you bonkers if you don’t take me up on this offer. I know it’s Christmas time and some have been sniffing glue… but that’s no excuse!

Wait for the dizziness to subside and then buy before it’s too late…

Here’s the link:


Buck A. Roo
“They laughed when a kangaroo sat down at the piano… but when I started to talk!” They fled like roaches.

P.S. This Seven Buckaroo special is Domain Secrets Revealed. Besides learning everything I mentioned above PLUS all the info I haven’t told you about, you’re also getting our new Domain Finder software, absolutely free.

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