For people who want to get more done and make their work more fun – Now our new video course can help you:

Master the greatest
productivity tool of 2013
(and one of the best ever invented)

Here’s how Evernote – which won the
2012 Small Business Influencer Award AND
the 2012 Webby Award for “Best Mobile App”
– can make your business life a breeze…

“The thing I love most about Evernote is that it’s cross compatible, and

syncs automatically between all my computers and mobile devices!” says Lynn Terry, a famous Internet marketer with 15 years of experience under her belt.

She goes on to say, “That means I can sit down at my desk and work on a report I’m writing. Then I leave to go to a doctor’s appointment, and I can open Evernote on my Droid Razr and work on that report some more while I’m in the waiting room. Then when I get home I can grab my laptop and head out to the back deck – and continue working on the report.”

No longer depend on your memory!

No longer do you have to remember to transfer files when you finish working on
one. Evernote saves it; then, you can access that file anytime, from any computer, from
your phone or iPad.

No longer do you have to remember to save documents. Evernote stores your document so if you walk away without hitting save, you can still get to the most up-to-date version from anywhere!

No longer do you have to worry about having different version of the same document on separate computers. Everything updates, all the time – You gotta love it!

But Here’s The Big Problem

Evernote can do about a million things! If that sounds like an overstatement, it isn’t! Not when you consider you can use Evernote for your unique problems and purposes…

Lynn Terry uses Evernote as a way to:

1.) Keep a running list of “things to do”

2.) Schedule appointments and daily tasks

3.) Save bookmarks for websites, articles, and images she wants to come back to at a
later time – or keep them forever!

4.) Organize your business brainstorming notes and access them anywhere and share
them with anyone

5.) Manage a running list of ideas you want to implement

6.) Use the word processor INSIDE Evernote to draft blog posts, guest posts, documents, emails… or anything else

7.) Piece together your upcoming info product

8.) Store your ebooks and read them anywhere

You Need A Guiding Hand

Evernote is a complex tool. It can be overwhelming to learn. You need someone who can take you by the hand and walk you through how to drive it efficiently.

You needed training to drive a car, right? At least if you want to drive it well and avoid potential hiccups. So take my hand and let me help you learn Evernote so you can use it like a pro.

My name is B. Roo and the B stands for Buck. If you’re like me, you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves. You know work can be fun. But we don’t desire our days to be filled with work.

So anything we can do to add more convenience to our life, get more done in less time, and make work more fun and enjoyable… we do it!

Our new video course, “Evernote: Your Sidekick In The Clouds”, helps you do all that – and more! It’s a whopping 11 videos that give you the pro tour of this incredible new tool. You get up-to-speed on one of the greatest productivity tools ever invented – fast!

Video 0 – Introduction
Video 1 – Creating An Account
Video 2 – Downloading Evernote
Video 3 – Evernote Interface Desktop Tour
Video 4 – Evernote Web Interface Tour
Video 5 – Creating A Clip
Video 6 – Tagging Clips
Video 7 – Creating Notebooks
Video 8 – Creating Stacks
Video 9 – Syncing Clips
Video 10 – Editing Your Clips

Like all our new products, “Evernote: Your Sidekick In The Clouds”, is priced to sell at $7.00.

It pays for itself: When you consider Evernote can save you a few hours every week – and what your hours are worth – and you can save those hours all year… this product more than pays for itself in just a couple of weeks!

Adds 6.5 days to your life every year: If Evernote saves you a few hours per week, that’s 156 hours per year. 156 hours equals 6.5 days! Would you pay $7 for 6.5 more days of freedom every year to do what you want? Of course!

Improves your productivity: Not only does Evernote save you time, it makes you more productive. It makes work more fun. You’ll work faster; the quality of your work will improve.

In your copy of “Sidekick In The Clouds”, you’ll see how to take advantage of Evernote’s endless benefits on your computer, Apple products, and even on your phone!

Look At Everything You Can NOW Do From Your Phone!

Tools like this make you more powerful than any executive – or king! – of previous generations. Who would think we could do wonderful things like these, right from our phones:

* Collect photos and memories from vacations and other experiences. Then share with anyone you want, but avoid the privacy issues of Facebook

* Use your phone to record entire meetings, lectures, and your baby’s first words. Have them everywhere you go and share or review them anytime!

* Create lists of any kind and even sub-lists within lists. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Evernote makes a “planner” out of even the most disorganized person

* Work from anywhere with your phone in hand; a great way to save random notes and thoughts while you’re on the run

* Draw and annotate words on top of images using the touchpad on your phone, or the mouse of your computer, then share

* Share memories, messages, and experiences with your friends

* Are you driving or running and can’t type your note with a keypad or keyboard? With the tap of a button, just speak your thought into your phone’s microphone and it’s transcribed to text and saved for you later!

Now you can begin – today! – to master this new tool with “Sidekick In The Clouds.” It improves your business life, and your personal life!

Organize Your Personal Life Like Never Before!

With Evernote, you can add and store notes, receipts, ebooks, scanned documents, images, or any other file you want.

Converts to text!: If you add any pdf, even a scanned document, Evernote will convert it to text for you. This means you can search through EVERY file you have on Evernote.

How’s this for amazing?: Let’s say you take a picture of your family in front of the Ritz Carlton sign in New York City. You’re trying to find this picture among all your images, but you can’t…

With Evernote, all you have to do is search for “Ritz Carlton.” Evernote can “see” the words Ritz Carlton on the sign behind your family – and brings that picture to you front and center!

Or find the exact receipt, recipe, or anything else you need, when you need it, where you need it!

“Sidekick In The Clouds” will show you how to get all this done, and more, faster than you ever imagined possible.

Download Your Copy Today!

You MUST love every video, every new benefit added to your life. You MUST get more organized than ever.

You MUST come to love your new videos and tool so much that I could not pry them out of your hands with a tire iron. Otherwise, if you ever feel I’ve misspoken, just sent an email to Rayna, Jordan, or Stacey will then send you an immediate and full refund of every penny you paid.

Plus, if you get your money back, you can still keep the entire course because it’s digital. The only person who can lose here, is me!

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P.S. Order in the next ten minutes and I’ll include a companion guide for “Evernote: Your Sidekick In The Clouds” absolutely free. With this PDF, you can get all the links, screenshots, tips, instructions, and more at the tip of your fingers (instead of searching through videos) – at no extra charge.

It’s equal in value to the course, and you get it free if you order right now.

P.P.S. You can download Evernote for free here but be sure to grab the tutorials now. You’re gonna need them.