Facebook Instant Guru Toolkit

Why you can use this professional
toolkit to earn 4-figure paychecks
as a Facebook marketing guru…

These professional-grade graphic templates
“magically” attract local businesses looking to
buy Facebook Marketing services from YOU!

(Send these mail-ready ads to businesses, cash in, rinse-and-repeat…)

Dear Trooper,

What do local businesses think of Facebook?

The Wall Street Journal has told them Facebook will be worth approximately $100 billion once it goes public. Facebook has reported they are planning an “IPO”… an Initial Public Offering, as soon as first quarter 2012.

They already have nearly 700 million users and have barely scratched the international market in the most populated countries — their growth will continue.

Why does this matter?

Every business on Earth can use Facebook to connect with customers effectively and they know it!

With this package and some determination, YOU can profit as a seller of Facebook services I will describe in just a moment.

Help Local Businesses, Get Paid Handsomely

There’s so much you can do to help local businesses and get BIG paydays:

  • Create a fan page and get initial fans for the business
  • Create a simple Facebook app for the business (tons of low-cost programs out there that completely do this for you)
  • Create an advertisement campaign on Facebook to advertise their fan page or their website
  • Manage their fan page and make automatic updates for them
  • Help businesses build an e-mail list with Facebook and offer to manage it for them

That’s just a short list of opportunities and they’re all easy…

…but businesses don’t know how to do it themselves and don’t have the time so they’ll pay you to take care of everything for them.

Not Just Four, But FIVE-FIGURE Checks…

These are the exact templates created and sold by Matt Rhodes’s girlfriend… professional graphic designer Gillian Collier. She designed the Practical Profits logo too — the one that looked like a flask with money coming out. I don’t know how she did it, but it looked so real… it seemed like you could reach in and grab the flask!

Gillian regularly receives four and five-figure checks from local businesses and organizations for both online and offline advertising material.

Needless to say, she knows exactly how to create ads and graphics that SELL.

She’s NOT the kind of graphic designer you can find on Fiverr… or can hire for pennies.

In fact, she gets so busy that she sometimes has to put clients on a “waiting list” that is literally weeks or months long – but they are more than willing to wait and to pay the extra premium for her professional-grade graphics.

As Tim Castleman has advised his customer list…”Be warned: she’s not cheap.”

Let These Ads Do The Hard Work For You

Getting the customer to contact YOU is the hardest part of the entire local marketing process…but these ads make it easy for you to become known as the expert.

What’s so powerful about all of these advertising materials is that they are truly professional-grade. Instead of being perceived as someone who is trying to run a business out of their basement, you INSTANTLY skyrocket to “Guru Status.”

There’s a reason that we call this toolkit the “Instant Guru Toolkit.” Using these ads means that YOU’RE the guru and businesses will look at you in an entirely DIFFERENT way…

* You will be perceived as the local expert on Facebook Marketing.
* You will get FAR more responses to your ad campaign.
* You will be able to demand a MUCH higher price for your services.
* It will be significantly easier to “close the sale.”

However, you voted and this package won as our weekend special… so you are going to get access to these “magic ads” at a ridiculous discount.

Your Facebook Marketing Instant
Guru Toolkit Is Ready!

You’re getting all of Gillian’s professional-grade Facebook Marketing ad templates and quick start video instructions in a package called the “Instant Guru Toolkit.”

It contains everything you need to start selling your Facebook marketing services to local businesses. Nearly ALL of the work has been done for you!

So, with that in mind, here are all of the professional-grade print-ready sales templates you’re going to get when you order the Instant Guru Toolkit today:

You get the completely unrestricted PSD file (designers normally charge an arm and a leg, or even flat-out refuse to provide this!), the “GIMP Friendly” PSD File, and JPG File for EVERY SINGLE file in the entire package.

Each design, with all of the promotional materials included, would sell to Gillian’s regular clients for well over $300 each – and that’s a very conservative estimate.


These 5 Bonuses Contain Everything
You Need To Get Started TODAY:

* Bonus #1 (Video): Important Quick Start Guide

This video contains critical information about what you need to do with all of your new promotional templates, what you need to edit them yourself, and goes through every single thing you need to get started. No stone is left unturned. Important: Watch this video before opening ANY other file!

* Bonus #2 (Video): How To Edit Using Photoshop

If you have Photoshop, you can follow along with this video to see exactly what you need to do to quickly edit the templates to include your own phone number, company, and website.

* Bonus #3 (Video): How To Edit Using GIMP

No, you do NOT need Photoshop to edit these money-making templates! Gillian has provided “GIMP Friendly” graphics and made it easy for anyone to use GIMP, the free image-editing program, to edit these promotional graphics for their own use. She shows you exactly what you need to do.

* Bonus #4 (Video): How To Get Your Materials Ready For Printing

This bonus video alone is worth more than the cost of the entire package. It reveals the process for preparing your materials for printing and translates all of the industry lingo into a language that anyone can understand. Gillian has made dozens upon dozens of trips to the printers, so she knows what to do to help you get started right away.

* Bonus #5 (Report): My Facebook Marketing “Jumpstart Report”

This is another insane bonus that is worth more than the cost of the entire package. I’ve already explained that selling Facebook Marketing services is extremely easy – but this makes it even easier for you. Here’s the deal…

Matt instructed his senior virtual assistants to write up a short, concise report giving him the point-by-point specifics of every Facebook-related tool you could use to promote local businesses, or even your own business.

In short, he was blown away by what she wrote — the Facebook Marketing Jumpstart Report about using Facebook for profit:

A full list of the potential services you can offer to businesses and potential ways to make money from Facebook (Pages 3-4)
A full list of Facebook statistics you can use to explain the benefits of using Facebook to local businesses (Page 5)
A “hot tip” that drastically boosts you and your company’s professionalismon Facebook (Page 6)
An easy, ethical and organic way to get new friends or fans of your business using Facebook’s own tools (Page 7)
A review of two “gray-hat” pieces of software (note: I don’t use these myself, but wanted to tell you about all your options.) (Page 8)
A breakdown of what needs to be included on your Facebook fan pages to be as effective as possible (Page 12)
Step-by-step instructions for getting started with the best Facebook marketing services you can offer to local businesses for maximum value (Page 13)
How to use Facebook’s Ad Platform for easy monthly cash from local businesses – just manage their ads and make money (Page 14)
How to integrate Facebook with Twitter and other social media for local businesses – this will earn you a BIG payday (Pages 15-16)

…Again, the Facebook Marketing Jumpstart Report is just ONE of the bonuses you’ve going to download as part of the Instant Guru Toolkit.

With well over $1,200.00 in value (not even including the value of the bonuses), you can download and try it all for SIXTY days (two full months) at no risk for only $27.00 flat!

And wouldn’t you make WAY more than that if you just sold these services once?

You’d make FAR more than your investment with just a SINGLE local business client, and getting this caliber of promotional materials from an experienced local marketer is nearly impossible without paying an arm and a leg.

Try it now and get instant access to all 4 themes, complete with brochures, business cards, postcards and letterheads, PLUS all 5 extra video and report bonuses, for $27.00.

It’s a true bargain and could easily sell for $197 other places online.

Here’s your chance mate. Don’t less this pass you by…

You can get a full refund anytime in the next 60 days — there’s no reason you shouldn’t give it a go.

For the love of Kangaroo,