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Imagine if you could use Facebook to build a community around any product, brand, service, company, or person.

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Would you like to know how Disney, Intuit, Starbucks, and Intel interact with consumers to build intimate connections with their fans?

Do you think it would be benefitical to have social proof built-in to every marketing campaign you ever run?

These companies think so…

The Cheese & Burger Society, a restaurant in Wisconsin, have a Facebook fan page. Their strategy is simple. They require a “like” before you can gain access to content, discounts, or contests.

Fans are then encouraged to post pictures because photos and videos are valued higher in Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm. According to Pixable, six BILLION photos are shared on Facebook every month.

American Express uses their Facebook as a small forum for business owners. Besides contests, they say the key to creating ongoing engagement is to use variety in your posts. They use questions, quotes, articles, and say it’s important to use short posts. According to Buddy Media, posts with 80 characters or fewer get 27% greater engagement than longer posts.

Banez Insurance Agency in California gets swamped with fans and likes. Why? Because the first thing you see on the fan page is a banner that reads, “For every Like we will make a donation to The March of Dimes.” With the cute picture of the little baby, how could anyone leave the page without clicking the Like button?

Banez also uses video, takes advantage of the photo strip, and uses a picture of himself in the profile image. The bottom of the profile image has an arrow pointing to his various links (proven to keep visitors on your page longer and increase the likelihood they engage with you as a fan).

Here’s the “big secret”…

Many people buy those fancy Facebook courses that promise riches. The courses contain many tricks most people could never do. They’re too technical, difficult, confusing…

Simple is better. The “big secret” to using Facebook is to keep it simple and learn the how everything works. To start at the beginning and be walked to the finish line.

Are you getting left behind?

The fact is, 10,000 websites are integrating Facebook functionality every single day. How long before you’re left in the dust?

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No matter your cause, you can use Facebook.

  • Hyundai used Facebook’s Poll Ads to deepen its relationship with customers.
  • Toyota uses Facebook Ads increase awareness of hybrid technology.
  • Pedigree ran a “Become a fan, help a dog” campaign that resulted in 1.1 million bowls of food being donated to animal shelters.
  • M&M’s tested demand by giving away samples on Facebook.

And the stories are endless…

Sure, you could skip out on trying Facebook Marketing Made Easy — but if you do, you risk never learning:

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And many more tricks that will show you how to get more eyes on your pages, a deeper relationship with your fans, and more sales.

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V10 – Logging in as a Page

V11 – Adding Featured Pages to the Sidebar

V12 – Vanity URLs

V13 – Using Notes to Make Longer Wall Posts

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V15 – Adding a Like Box with a Wall Feed to your Site

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