“Finally Revealed: How To Create Your Own Five-Figure Warrior Special Offers”

Get a peek “behind-the-scenes” to find out how Matt Rhodes earned well over $250,000.00 with the Warrior Forum

Dear Friend,

The Warrior Forum is an absolute gold mine.

The "Special Offer" section of the Warrior Forum is an incredible cash cow, for both WSO Sellers and WSO Buyers.

Everyone wins.

WSO Buyers win because they’re getting some of the most proven strategies and techniques that work in today’s Internet Marketing business. They find out how real online businesses are making money so they can copy the results for themselves and they get to buy it for pennies on the dollar compared to the real value.

WSO Sellers win because they get to quickly expose new products to a marketplace to thousands of buyers that are online at all times during the day. They can earn thousands of dollars in less than 24 hours and get to test the market response to their products before ever selling it to the public.

It’s one of the few places that the term "win/win" actually applies.

But, I’m also one of the most successful sellers on the WSO Forum.

The truth is, between my WSOs, the techniques I’ve discovered from other Warriors, and the partnerships I’ve formed as a direct result of the Warrior Forum, I estimate I’ve earned well over $250,000.00 in sales alone.

That might sound like a lot, but, in all honesty…

ANYONE Can Do This – IF You Take Action

Seriously…I’m just a regular guy.

But, at only 23 years old, I’ve been able to get myself a great 3 bedroom home, a new car, and have already built a strong nest-egg for the future. Plus, my lifestyle allows me to travel all over – I’m going to be living in Australia for a few months starting this July.

I’m NOT saying this to brag – I’m telling you this because I’m no different than you are.

I just took action.

And taking action and creating a powerful, best-selling WSO is just the start. I’ve been called a "guru" numerous times (I don’t care for the term), but my dirty little secret is that I’m just your average person who has "been there, done that."

With all that said, there ARE some clever things you can do to drastically increase the amount of WSO sales you get… and to easily improve the quality of your content so that people get "hooked" on what you have to say…

How To Create Five Figure (Plus!) WSO Paydays

I’ve been closely studying the WSO Forum… what sells, what doesn’t.

I’ve had both massive WSO successes and catastrophic failures.

I don’t mind admitting that one little bit.

The good news is that my meticulous tracking has resulted in my WSOs producing a MUCH higher number of average sales. My WSOs are starting to hit the five-figure sales range…and that number is only going to keep rising.

My average WSO sales are up by more than $1,500.00 from the "early days" because of the principles I’ve learned and applied to my WSOs, and I’ve had multiple WSOs hit the five-figure range.

It’s not because I’ve been working hard – it’s because I work "smart" and know what works.

Now, I want to share my tried-and-true strategies with you.

NEW! Introducing My "Five Figure WSO System" – My Best WSO Strategies Finally Revealed

I’ve compiled every single thing I’ve done to make my WSOs pull in thousands of dollars each for me and transformed it into a 34 page report called the "Five Figure WSO Report."

Whether you’ve never posted a WSO before, or you’re just looking to boost your WSO sales by more than 20 to 25%, I reveal everything you need to know with my advanced strategies that anyone can use.

Here Is What Revealed In The Five Figure WSO Report:

* How I created my first $3,000 WSO in less than 8 hours, and what motivated me to make the leap. (Page 4)

* The little-known tactics you MUST be using on the Warrior Forum and the WSO Section to build your business. Most people massively under-utilize these powerful techniques. (Pages 5-9)

* How to use the "JV Climber" technique to multiply your product sales, get a bigger list, and boost your reputation with very little extra effort. (Page 8)

* Of course, not everything is perfect. The Warrior Forum has a few downsides that you need to know BEFORE you post your WSO. It will completely throw you off guard if you’re not prepared… (Pages 10-12)

* How to easily build a powerful reputation using the WSO section and the forum. A great reputation means that your WSOs sell themselves! (Pages 13-15)

* My advanced secret for building HUGE EARLY MOMENTUM for your WSOs, even if you’ve never launched a WSO before. This has worked over and over again to get me $1,000s in sales and WSO of the Day multiple times. (Pages 17-18)

* The step-by-step guide to posting your very first WSO, with screenshots, even if you’re a complete Warrior Forum newbie. (Pages 18-22)

* Five priceless tips I’ve learned to double (sometimes triple) my average amount of sales. These are incredibly important – they can mean the difference between a $500 WSO and a $5,000 WSO. (Pages 25-28)

* Much, much more!

That’s only the tip of the iceberg, though…I know that you need more than just one report to help you succeed with the WSO Forum.

That’s why I’m throwing in some additional help.

You’re Also Going To Get FOUR Additional Resources:

* #1: "WSO Buyer’s Psychology" Reference Sheet, that contains nine "WSO hot buttons" that make your WSO sales copy sell like crazy.

* #2: $22,000 WSO Case Study, a short, easy-to-read case study revealing how I’ve turned my best-selling WSO into a profitable powerhouse that doesn’t stop getting sales, and how I’ve drastically maximized my customer value.

* #3: Best-Selling WSO Swipe Copy, so you can get a "hard copy" of my top 3 WSO sales letters that have produced more sales for me than any other Internet Marketing products I’ve ever sold. (This makes writing your own WSO sales copy SO much easier.)

* #4: A copy of one of my most popular reports, "How To Create $10 Hot Reports That Sell Like Crazy." It shows you exactly how to create your own short, simple reports that people LOVE. These techniques will work both in and outside of the WSO Forum.

It’s a killer package that enables ANYONE to create their first WSO.

It’s changed my life and I know it can change yours, too. You can get started TODAY…

You Get Full, Instant Access To The Entire Five-Figure WSO System At A Huge Bargain

Here’s the deal…

The package I’ve put together is realistically worth a bare minimum $67, and I definitely wouldn’t feel uncomfortable selling it for $97 or more.

Just imagine how easy it will be for you to create money on demand with Warrior Special Offers after you get your hands on my formulas!

Buck A. Roo’s Guarantee: If you are not astounded at the quantity and quality of profit producing, bank busting information you get in this special, just send us an email or call us and myself, Stacey, or Sharon will give you 100% of your money back.

All the best,

Matt W. Rhodes
Buck A. Roo