For people who need to make some extra income… from home and are willing to do a little work…

Did you Know there is an Online Job Factory that you can Plug Into Now and Start Earning Money While Watching TV!

It’s called Yep, strange name I know. In a nutshell you do simple tasks which pay $5.

What find of tasks?

All kinds of stuff like…

* Edit a Document
* Proof Read an Article
* Do a quick Video Voice Over
* Format a Kindle Book
* Create a Kindle Cover Image
* Research a Topic

Even silly stuff like “Give a person a compliment” or “Dress up like a Geek Girl and hold up a sign with your website url” are making money for people.

There’s even one girl who creates little stuffed animals while she’s watching TV and she can barely keep up with all the orders.

This week’s special is Fiver Formula and our very own Stacey Swift is going to show you exactly how she makes money from Fiverr…

In fact Stacy was a complete beginner when she started making this video series and now she’s earning as much as $48 per hour from Fiverr doing simple little tasks…

Earning some extra money is great but Fiverr can also do something even better for you… Save you time:

If you would like to simplify your life in the easiest and cheapest way possible while getting more work done than ever, then this will be one of the most important messages you ever read.

In this modern age, there are more demands on your time and attention than ever before. Between cell phones, children, chores, work, hobbies, dreams, spouses, bills, relationships, and everything else… your “To Do” list never gets shorter.

There are not enough hours in a day. Technology was supposed to help you relax more… but I bet you work more than ever.

Am I right?

To make matters worse, our days are filled with little tasks we either don’t want to do or have no clue how to start…

And that’s the way it will stay…

Until you learn the Fiverr Formula

It won’t make you rich, but Fiverr Formula can give you your life back. It’s our newest video production here at the Net Results. Produced by the lovely Stacey Swift.

Fiverr is a relatively new website that takes outsourcing to a new level. Finding a virtual assistance has never been easier. And the wide array of tasks and small jobs you can have done in just a few days is nothing short of amazing.

What could be better than getting someone to do a task you’ve been dreading… or a task you have no clue how to do… and only having to pay them $5 to do it?

To top it off, you can see their track record. You can see where the seller is from. You can see how many customers they’ve had. You can see if their customers have been happy with their service.

Sit back and relax

Do you need to install WordPress? Do you need to modify your blog or website? Need help uploading files to anywhere? Need help with the FTP process or another technical bug-a-boo?

Someone on Fiverr can do it for you.

Would you like a banner of yours placed on other websites? Would you like someone to drive traffic to your blog? Promote you to their Facebook fans? Get you hundreds (maybe thousands) of Facebook Likes?

Someone on Fiverr can do it for you.

Do you have odd tasks you’d like done? Want personalized greeting cards? Business cards? Letterheads? Want someone to dance like Michael Jackson in your video? Would you like the person to be a sexy female?

Someone on Fiverr can do it for you.

Do you need an ebook cover for your Kindle book? Do you need a review of your book on Amazon? A video review? Would you like someone to write your website on their forehead and take a picture?

Someone on Fiverr can do it for you.

The only thing better…

The only thing better than going to Fiverr right now and getting started, is trying Fiverr Formula first. Why? I’m glad you asked my two-legged friend.

Fiverr Forumula has five videos that give you a shortcut to using Fiverr the easiest, most effective way. You wouldn’t walk into a jungle without a guide, would you? So don’t try Fiverr until you sample the Fiverr Formula.

Here’s what you’re getting:

Video 1: All About Fiverr

What is it? What’s the best way to create an account?

Video 2: How to place an order for a Gig

How to activate your account. What is FiverrMix? How to navigate inside Fiverr. Kindle eook covers, Facebook likes, transcripts and more… for $5.00. Can you contact the seller before you order? Can you order a service more than once at the $5 rate? How to give the seller the information he needs to serve you best.

Video 3: What to do after the Gig is up

Review the seller’s finished work. Leave feedback. How to use DamnQuickPay — and what is it? Build your Collection of favorite Fiverr gigs. Introduction to the “Gigs you may like” feature.

Video 4: How to offer a Gig on Fiverr to make money

How to give instructions to your buyers after they pay you. How to help potential buyers find your Gig. How to manage and prioritize your orders. What to consider before you list a Gig. How to get your money from Fiverr into your Paypal account.

Video 5: The Three Levels of Sellers

How to earn a new, higher status on Fiverr. How to get to Level 2 so you can offer additional features and advanced services. How to become a “Top Rated Seller” to get rockstar status. The Cheat Sheet that helps you get promoted. How to get support from Fiverr Customer Support.

Okay Bucky, how much?

Hold on there, human. I’m going to tell you how much. But before I do, let me tell you something else.

If you order Fiverr Formula today, I’ll give you a special gift. Would you like to know what it is? What’s that? You say… stop beating around the bush, Bucky, and tell me what the damn gift is?

Okay then.

I’m going to give you an MP3 interview with James J. Jones and Stacey Swift.

Before making the course Fiverr Formula, Stacy Swift had only purchased gigs from sellers on Fiverr. She’d never offered gigs.

$48.00 An Hour!

Now you can listen in as she explains how she makes up to $48 per hour using Fiverr. How should you go about using Fiverr to make money? How should you organize your schedule to handle the work?

This interview will tell you.

What could be better than that?

Well, I’ll tell you.

I’m about to turn it up a notch.

You ready?

Try Fiverr Formula now and I’ll protect your investment with my…

Unmatched 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

You MUST never again experience the headaches of doing task you don’t want to do. You MUST gain the power to tap into hundreds of thousands of workers who want to help you. You MUST get more done than ever before and smile and laugh because a kanagaroo helped you do it.

If that doesn’t happen — and I know it will — then you can write me at or visit me at 11121 Carmel Commons Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28227. My homosapien friends will give you all your money back without asking a single question.

Try it now…

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This is your love bunny, signing out.

Thanks for reading my letter.

Buck A. Roo