Your MISSION should you choose to accept it:

Is to answer one question…

Imagine you can buy Dyson vacuum cleaners for $249 each.
You determine you can make $75 profit on each one you sell
via Amazon FBA.

Here’s the question: To sell the vacuums quickest, recoup your
cost and count profits sooner…

Which color should you buy?

Can you tell?

Do you think it’s a trick question? It isn’t.

There is a way to be 100% sure.

That’s just one of the insights you’ll glean in our newest production here at The Net Results.

The course is called FBA Profit Equation.

In case you’re not in the know, FBA stands for Fullfilment By Amazon.

It’s a program that allows you to run a kitchen-table business from home. You can treasure hunt online and in any city you choose, send the treasure in to Amazon, and they’ll sell it for you….

They’ll pack the boxes, ship the products, handle the customer service, give refunds, and wire your money right into your bank account.

What you’ll learn

FBA Profit Equation, first, helps with the basics.

You get answers to questions like:

  • How does FBA work? How can you take advantage of it?
  • How can you sign up for the program?
  • How do you list the items you want to sell? Is it easy? Hard? Time-consuming?
  • Once you list the items, how do you tell Amazon you want them to fulfill the orders?
  • How do I ship the products to Amazon? (It turns out, Amazon has a nice program for that. They worked out a deal with UPS. You get ultra-low pricing when sending in items.)
  • What all do I have to do before sending in products? How will Amazon know they’re mine? (In FBA Profit Equation, Wayne will show you how to print product labels for all your items, prepare the packaging slip, and make the shipping labels.)
  • What happens if your items are damaged while in Amazon’s hands?
  • Where can I find products to sell?

There’s more…

Sources & Resources PDF

This is when things start to heat up.

Now that you have the basics, all you really need to know is (1) where to find products and (2) selling strategies learned from the trenches.

That’s what you get in this next section of FBA Profit Equation.

Wayne hands the baton to James J. Jones, who tells you:

  • How to maximize sales and profits when you have more than one of the same item to sell.
  • How to price your products to sell people who are looking for just one more item so they can have a $25.00 order to qualify for FREE Super Saver shipping.
  • James J. Jones’s top places to find items to sell as FBA.
  • 10 deal of the day sites you should check for drastic discounts on in-demand products. From Dyson vacuums to cameras, James has made thousands of dollars over the years using these sites.

Two Woot Videos

I’ll tell you one of James’s favorite sites.


That’s where the Dyson vacuum question came from. You see… while James was making the two Woot Videos, the deal-of-the-day was for Dyson Animal Ball vacuum cleaners.

You get to look over his shoulder as he explains how to tell if you should buy an item or not. How to tell if you’ll make a profit, and how much profit you’ll make. How to tell WHICH of a certain color you should buy to sell the quickest.

You get two forums for FBA sellers, a Profit Calculator to see how much you’ll make beofre you spend a dime on any product. Plus you get websites, blogs, and a podcast for FBA sellers.

You should know you’re 100% protected because you get my…

60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I can see you know… finally able to quit that job, work from home, wake up when you want. Let me tell you…

You MUST be able to find products in your local area you can sell on Amazon. You MUST be able to follow along over our shoulders as we show you how to do everything you need to do to get those products to Amazon so they can sell them. You MUST start getting money wires into your bank account… maybe just $200 at first… then $300…. then $500… then $1,000. It grows fast.

Just look at some of James’s items:

You can do the same.

Put My Words To The Proof

As you can see, you risk nothing to try this for the next two months. If FBA Profit Equation doesn’t live up to my promises, get all your money back fast and easy.

What’s most amazing about Amazon FBA is how easy it is to make extra money… the opportunies exist all around you. And FBA Profit Equation will help you see them.

Get Your Download Now only $27

Thanks for reading my letter.

Buck A. Roo

P.S. Amazon FBA is NOT affected by the new state tax laws that some states have passed. Those laws only affect the Amazon Affiliate program NOT Amazon FBA.