E-cover Expert Reveals…

30 GIMP tutorials for people who are in shock on discovering the cost of good graphics and know they could make attention-grabbing headers, images, and e-covers if only someone would show them how!

Perhaps these tutorials aren’t for you.

  • If you’ve never wanted the best-looking graphics for your website…
  • If you’d rather pay someone for the five minutes it takes to make a snazzy header for your blog…
  • If you don’t have a creative bone in your body…

Then these 30 GIMP Tutorials are not for you.

However, if you’re interested in learning the easy and fine art of image manipulation, graphic creation, e-cover design for ebooks, DVDs, even software — if you’ve ever wanted to insert a picture of your buddy into a sleazy strip club he was never in… and then send it to his girlfriend — or if you just want to be able to do your own graphics work when you need to…

…then this will be one of the most entertaining seven bucks you ever spend.

What is the GIMP?

The GIMP is a substitute for Adobe’s Photoshop. Word on the street is: It’s just as good, if not better than Photoshop… because it’s 100% free.

What do these tutorials cover?

In short: Everthing.

Well, almost everything.

From installation, getting started, the interface, all the “select” tools, color picking, the wand, layers, working with text…

…you’ll get schooled on all the tools, brushes, fonts, badges, headers, and more.

Here’s what’s included:

V1: What is the GIMP?

A clone of Photoshop. GIMP can do almost everything Photoshop can do… but it’s 100% free. So you can save hundreds of dollars and get all the graphic editing and creative power of Adobe’s most prized program. This video includes a tutorial on easy installation of the GIMP.

V2: Get Started

An overview of the tools, functions, and brushes inside the GIMP. Pick colors, opacity, work on “the canvas”, and use layers.

V3: The GIMP interface

Make the GIMP easier to use and keep your desktop less cluttered while maximizing the number of tools availalbe with one click of the mouse.

V4: The Rectangle Select Tool

The purpose of the “select” tools and how to make feathered edges and rounded corners.

V5: Freehand with the Free Select Tool

Add and subtract colors without being limited by a pre-determined shape (like the rectangle select tool).

V6: Color and Wand

How to use the Fuzzy Select Tool to grab all of one shape with one click. The Color Select Tool will grab everything of the same color.

V7: Scissors

Using patterns and fill colors after you select a targeted area with the Scissors Tool.

V8: Foreground

How to take a zebra from Africa to Egypt.

V9: Paths Tool

Nifty image manipulation tricks with the Paths Tool.

V10: Color Picker

How to mix and create colors, set a palette of colors you use often, and see all the ways to use the Color Picker Tool.

V11: Zoom

An introduction to the simple but useful Magnification Tool.

V12: Meausure Tool

The handy dandy tool to measure distance and angles.

V13: Move Tool

How to move layers, selections, and other objects.

V14: Align Tool

How to align or arrange layers or other objects.

V15: Transform Tools

How to use the Crop, Rotate, Scale, Sheer, Prospective, and Flip Tools.

V16: Text

Put professional text on banners and images with a full suite of text tools.

V17: Fill Tool

Fill an area with a color or pattern of your choice.

V18: Blend Tool

Also known as the “gradient tool” — you can fill an area with color gradients and other effects.

V19: Brush Tools

How and when to use the Pencil, Paint Brush, Air Brush, Ink, and Eraser Tools.

V20: Last of Tools

How to use the Clone, Healing (to fix irregularities), Perspective Clone, Blur/Sharpen, Smudge, and Dodge/Burn Tools to edit digital images or stock photos.

V21: Custom Brushes

Where to find free brushes for the GIMP, how to make new ones, and how to add them.

V22: Layers

Finally! An explanation of layers and how to work with and manipulate them.

V23: Edit PSD

How to edit Photoshop images using the GIMP.

V24: Transparency

How to prepare images for ebook covers or software e-covers, remove unwanted items or people from photos, and remove background images.

V25: Saving

How to save images when editing is finished.

V26: Flame Script

How to install scrips to the GIMP interface. A script is a bundle of actions that end in a desired result (like an animated flame effect). And where to get a lot of them for free.

V27: Web 2.0

How to create nice Web 2.0 graphics with mirror images, drop shadows, borders, outlines, and other gradients for headers, ecovers, and webpage graphics.

V28: Add Font

Increasing font selection — where to get new fonts — and how to add them to your arsenal.

V29: Badges

How to create badges to add pizaz to sales pages — creat buy now buttons, price stickers, discount signs, and more.

V30: Header

Get attention with cool headers using custom images and text.

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