26 Brilliant Ways To Get More Out
of Your Gmail Account

If you use email everyday, then this could be one of the most important messages you ever read.

Email can be one of your most useful, powerful tools, or it can be your worst.

If you would like to use email as a tool to help you get more done instead of a crutch that kills your productivity….

If you would like to open up all the power locked inside your Gmail account and take advantage of secret functions you may not be using…

Here’s what you can do:

Would you like to the ability to peek into emails and read them without actually opening the email?

Would you like to reply to emails and then auto-remove the conversation from your inbox without deleting it from Gmail’s memory?

Would you like to customize your signature with different fonts, sizes, colors, bold and more?

Would you like the power to set how your emails will look to those who receive them? (Right now, your emails are converted to whatever the receiver has set as default.)

Would you like to have one or two button shortcuts to delete or archive email, open documents, make a phone call (through Gmail), and almost any other Gmail function?

Would you like to insert images into your email where you want the reader to see them, instead of having to attach them?

Would you like to have multiple inboxes in one email account so you can filter and label emails as you wish? Separate your business, personal, and financial emails?

Would you like Gmail to include a map of any address inside the body copy of an email… so you’re just a couple clicks away from having directions?

I’ve only scratched the surface…

If you’re a Gmail user, you already know it’s hands-down the best email service in the world.

However, if your account is still set to default, you’re not getting everything out of your account that you could be.

If you’d like to open up all the power locked inside your email account, get more done, work faster, find messages and documents quicker, stop forgetting your to-do list, and way more…

…then I’d like to tell you about our newest video production at The Net Results. Wayne Hatter has gone above and beyond with…

Introducing… Gmail Labs

Gmail Labs is a 27 video behemoth. It comes with a PDF guide and step-by-step instructions on all the gadgets you can enable in your Gmail account.

Let me tell you about the videos:

Video 1: Introduction to Gmail Labs

Like wordpress plugins for your email.

Video 2: Adding Gadgets by URL

Integrate Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Remember The Milk, and World Clocks with your email account.

Video 3: The Apps Search Gadget

Search for documents on your computer and relevant websites right from your email inbox.

Video 4: The Auto Advance Gadget

Auto-go to the next unopened email after you handle the current one. Go backwards instead of forward. Or go back to the inbox everytime.

Video 5: The Create A Document Gadget

Create a document from an email conversation.

Video 6: Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Just type a letter or two and instantly: archive a message, open email, create a document, make a phone call, go to tasks, and way more.

Video 7: The Default “Reply to All” Gadget

Set the default to automatically replay to emails and send your message to all recipients of the first email. You can still select “Reply” if you don’t want to use “Reply to All.” Especially useful if you have frequent group conversations by email.

Video 8: Default Text Styling

Make your emails unique and person when you open up styling options for your text. Large or small. Any color. Bold, italics, and more. Plus, you can choose how your text looks when other people get your emails (instead of, as an example, Yahoo email converting your text to their default).

Video 9: Filter Import/Export Gadget

Quickly add all your filters to new Gmail accounts using this new import/export feature.

Video 10: Flickr Previews in Mail Gadget

Save a little time with small previews of images sent to you from Flickr (so you don’t have to follow links and wait for the page to load).

Video 11: Google Calendar Gadget

Integrate your Google Calendar with Gmail. Get a small calendar to the left of your inbox. See at-a-glance what your important tasks are today, any birthdays, holidays and more.

Video 12: Google Docs Gadget

See your recent documentas, starred documents, and search for your documents right from your inbox.

Video 13: Google Docs Preview-in-Mail

Do you get links to Google Docs by email? Now you can preview the document, spreadsheet, or presentation within the email.

Video 14: Google Maps Preview-in-Mail

This cool feature shows a map of any address that appears in the email you’re reading.

Video 15: Inserting Images Gadget

Now you can place pictures in your emails. Use this feature and you can use images from your computer of the Internet.

Video 16: “Mark as Read” Button Gadget

New button lets you mark your email as “read” (even if you haven’t read it) with one quick click. Now that this is just a button click away, you don’t have to search for this feature in the Menu section.

Video 17: Message Sneak Peek Gadget

Now you can quickly peek into a message and read it’s contents without opening the message in a new screen.

Video 18: Multiple Inboxes Gadget

Now you can have more than one inbox. Filter and organize anyway you wish with filters and labels.

Video 19: Preview Pane Gadget

Read mail faster with the preview pane. One click opens email in a preview pane to the right of your list of emails. Your inbox remains visible to the left of the preview pane.

Video 20: Pictures in Chat Gadget

Do you chat in Google? Now you can see your friend’s photo in the chat section of Gmail.

Video 21: Quick Links Gadget

Find yourself searching with the same quieries over and over in Gmail? Now you can create quick links and perform those searches as fast as you can click with your mouse!

Video 22: Send & Archive Gadget

Adds a button beside your normal Send button — lets you reply to a message and archive the whole conversation in a single action.

Video 23: Sender Time-Zone Gadget

See what time it is right now for the person who sent you the email. The point? You’ll know if you’re sending them a message at 3 a.m. and to expect it to be a while before they get back to you… unless they’re a nightowl like me.

Video 24: Signature Tweaks Gadget

Keeps your signature in every reply email and removes the “–” there by default.

Video 25: Smart Label Gadget

Automatically filters your emails to you know if it’s “Bulk” or “Forum” or “Notification.” You can set certain labels not to appear at all, in the trash they go! You can change the settings to suit all your needs.

Video 26: Undo Send Gadget

A life & time saver! Gives you about ten seconds to click “Undo” after you send an email. Stops the send and lets you fix mistakes, add links, re-think the message, etc..

Video 27: Unread Message Icon

One of my favorites! Changes the gmail icon in your browser’s tab. Inserts a number on top of the gmail envelope so you can see how many unread messages you have.

How much does this cost, Bucky?

Well, my two-legged friend, I’m glad you asked. Gmail Labs is $27.00.

You can watch all 27 videos and read the PDF… get ten times more functionality from your Gmail… enjoy all the new services Gmail Labs provides…

That’s right. All 27 videos for only $27.00

That’s not all…

You can watch every second of this course, get all the new skills, get all the new features enabled in your account, test-drive your brand new email account…

Risk-Free for Two Full Months

You get a 60-Day No Question Asked Guarantee. If you’re not blown away by the new features, the new power, the time saved, the brilliance of these services, then all you have to do is send me an email.

Better yet, send an email to support@thenetresults.com and my wiley humans will take care of you so fast your little head will spin. You’ll get all your money back and sweet little note to boot. If email isn’t your thang, just write me or visit me at 11121 Carmel Commons Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28226.

Download Your Copy Now

Since you risk nothing for two full months, why not try Gmail Labs now and put my words to the proof?

You risk nothing if you order before Sunday at midnight.

Thanks for reading my letter.


Buck A. Roo

P.S. Inside Gmail Labs, you’ll keep hearing Wayne mention another of our courses called Gmail Tips, Tricks, & Little Known Secrets. He brings it up because it goes also so well with Gmail Labs and can heighten the level of service and power you get from Gmail.

So my kangaroo noggin’ got to thinkin’. And usually nothin’ good happens as a result. But this time, I had a brilliant idea.

If you order before midnight on Sunday, June 24th, 2012, I’m going to include that course, Gmail Tips, Tricks, & Little Known Secrets, with your order.

Wayne will walk you through Settings, Accounts, Imports, Filters, Chat, Inbox Secrets, Themes, Labels, Web Clips, Email Forwarding, and Gmail Offline.

You get 12 extra videos plus a PDF guide to go along with Gmail Tips, Tricks, & Little Known Secrets.

Do you know what this means?

It means, so long as I see your order before midnight, Sunday, June 24th — you get a total of 39 videos and 2 PDF guides.

That’s only 18 cents per video!..

If you order now: