For people who love to be the smartest person in the room…

How Google can make you seem
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What I have for you today could be the most useful message and training you’ll ever have; if you give me a moment of your time, I’ll prove it.

Google Search Unleashed

My name is B. Roo and I’m the Chief Animal Officer here at The Net Results. I believe the Internet empowers humans and animals alike to change their lives for the better. And I believe your opportunity to live a life free from financial worries has never been better.

Backed by my team of human beings, I’ve helped thousands of people master the technical side of making money on the Internet. I’ve shown thousands more how to earn their first batch of cold-hard cash online.

However, never before have I seen more nerds get excited over a training course than I have this week. This week we unveil a brand new program called Google Search Unleashed – priced to sell at only $27.00.

So here I am, all ready to take my girlfriends out for a steak dinner, when I find out you have voted for our newest course to be the weekend special. Do you know what that means, Buckwheat?

It means less money for Bucky! How am I supposed to keep all my women happy when you do this kind of stuff to me? But, you have spoken, and that ole’ country boy, James Jones, won’t let me overrule you.

Right up until midnight, Sunday, November 4th, you can get all 21 videos of Google Search Unleashed for only 27 measly dollars – I might add! An absolutely bargain!

Here’s What You’re About To Become:

My newest course will make you a Google Expert; you will become one of the most valuable resources your employer, business, or team has; you will be the “go to” person when no one else has the answers.

These 21 videos will make you virtually indispensable:

Video 0 – Introduction
Video 1 – Exact Phrase Search
Video 2 – Synonym Search
Video 3 – Exclude Search
Video 4 – Exact Phrase Variation Search
Video 5 – Operators Search
Video 6 – Site Search
Video 7 – Define Search
Video 8 – Math Search
Video 9 – Unit Conversions
Video 10 – Money Conversion
Video 11 – Search By File Type
Video 12 – Advanced Image Search
Video 13 – Advanced Search Page
Video 14 – Local Weather Search
Video 15 – Date Range Search
Video 16 – Search By Title
Video 17 – Search URL
Video 18 – Combination Search
Video 19 – Number Range Search
Video 20 – Searching Cache

According to Brian Tracy, a self-help author and famous motivational speaker, there are seven top qualities employers look for. In his book, Earn What You’re Worth, Tracy says the most in-demand quality is intelligence.

Google Search Unleashed can make you a master problem solver (a hallmark of intelligence). You will get your projects done sooner and have more facts and credibility to back up every opinion and suggestion you ever put forward.

Earn The Kind Of Money You Want To

Brian Tracy also has “Three C’s” for “earning the kind of money you want to.” IF you’d like to make more money every single year of your life – then he says “…you must be continually working to maintain and upgrade your levels of competence through personal study all your working life.”

Nothing will make personal study easier, for the rest of your life, than mastering Google – the greatest research tool the world has ever known. And nothing will help you master Google sooner or better than our new creation, Google Search Unleashed.

You can try it risk-free with my unconditional

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If not, then here’s what I want you to do. Anytime in the next year – that’s 365 days and nights! – just send an email to One of my humans will give you a quick and immediate refund; no questions asked! Plus, you can keep the entire course for free as a thank you for trying it.

Let my strong and generous guarantee give you confidence in this trial. I hope you can see how passionate I am about this product. It’s because I know how much it can help you and make your life (and mind) better.

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Thanks for reading my letter.

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Buck A. Roo
The Net Results
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