During this most special time of year, allow me to show my thanks for all your support and give you the chance to…

It’s the biggest bag of goodies I’ve ever sold
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My Special Friend,

A “video loop” is a short segment of video.

You can use “video loops” in many ways. They can be backgrounds in your presentations; parts of your video presentations; or use the footage to make custom CD and DVD menus.

Not only are the videos yours; but all the images in the videos are yours. So any one image of green trees, snow men, or silver ornaments (and everything else) is yours to use free of charge.

You get 103 Christmas themed “video loops” for the everyday retail price of $27.00

Now, in case you’re still trying to see what you get, here are some examples taken from the 103 videos…

See Their High Quality
For Yourself With These Samples:

Remember, this footage is yours to use royalty-free. Download these fun images and cute videos today, and you will never have to pay a penny in royalties:

Use This Enormous Amount of Footage
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Only by using video loops will you ever truly see the extra boosts of joy, care, and compassion they inject into your communication. So I want you download my 103 Christmas Loops and use them for one whole year without risking a penny of your money.

You get all 103 videos. And as Brandon so delicately laid out for me yesterday: This package was so big we had to break it up into “13 pretty large zip files.”

You’ll never be short for images or video loops ever again around this time of year.

365-Day Money Back Guarantee

You may never see another offer like this again. If you make videos or give presentations, here’s your chance to stand out and do it like no one else.

Download all 103 Christmas video loops onto your computer now. Look at them. Watch them. Think of ways you can use them.

Just put down $27 now and I’ll hold it for one year. In the next year, I don’t expect anything except for you to love my loops. If they don’t please you in every way, just send an email to one of my human beings at support@thenetresults.com.

Jordan, Stacie, or Rayna will be happy to send you a quick, full refund for 100% of your $27.00. Plus, you can keep the digital video loops forever as my gifts for putting them to the test.

Get your copy now!

And thanks for reading my letter.


Buck A. Roo
Chief Animal Officer
The Net Results
11121 Carmel Commons Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28226

Why delay? Why risk missing this chance?

You don’t risk a penny of your money for an entire year. If you don’t feel my loops have been worth your money, get all of it back and keep the loops.

I’m putting all the risk on me. So try your own loops today!