“Totally FREE Software Allows You to Manage all Your Social Networks from One Control Panel…Schedule MULTIPLE Messages to be autosent in the future. Post updates. Add images. Monitor everything from one central location…” (there’s only one problem. And it’s a big one.)

Imagine you could visit any planet in our solar system in a completely safe, futuristic spaceship so advanced it would make Captain Picard cry for joy (while Captain Kirk kicks his wimpy ass ;>

Which planet would you want to visit?

Jupiter and its violent but beautiful red storm… Imagine the pictures you could take!

How about the amazing ringed Saturn? Fly through the rings and see first hand what Saturn really looks like!

Is there a face on Mars? Find out for yourself if its just a naturally occuring object. Or a structure built by… someone (or something! :>

Where would you want to go? Make up your mind fast because I have your spaceship waiting outside…

Just walk up that ramp right there into the ship… it’ll retract behind you.

Now off you go… have fun and take plenty of pictures.

Me? No, I’m staying here. I’ve got deals to make for you. (tomorrow I’m wrestling this Ukrainian chap over licensing rights to his new software… if I win, I get to offer the software for $7 bucks. If he wins… he gets to live. :>

As you enter the spaceship the door closes behind you. It is indeed the most futurist technology you have ever laid eyes on. Shiny silverish metal that moves like water when you touch it, a control panel with flashing lights and unlabeled buttons, one wall is a huge viewing screen… Look! You can see ol’ Buck A Roo waving at you from the driveway.

But the most striking thing you notice as you look around…

There is NO pilot!

And as you look back at the viewing screen you see me getting smaller and smaller as you notice the ship is moving and you come to a sickening realization that…

You ARE the pilot!

Ok, snap out of it… You’re not REALLY the pilot on a futuristic ship headed to some distant planet.

But you are the pilot of your Online Destiny — and if you don’t know how to fly that ship you will never get where you want to be!

And that brings me back to that “big problem” I mentioned up there in the headline…

I’ve found an amazing FUTURISTIC software suite that will allow you to:

* Manage all your social networks from one control panel…
* Schedule MULTIPLE Messages to be autosent in the future.
* Post updates.
* Add images. *
* Monitor everything from one central location…

And Best of all it’s FREE!

The Problem is:

It’s Hard as a Neptunian Rock Creature to figure out how to use the darn Software!

You see, the software was designed for big Corporations and I guess the smart people who designed it just assumed the corporations have gurus who automatically know all about this sort of thing.

Sorry! Us Mear Mortals (and Roos) need a little help here!

And that’s why the smart people at The Net Results have created a series of videos that show you exactly how to use this amazing software.

Learn how to Manage all your social networks from one control panel, schedule MULTIPLE Messages to be autosent in the future, post social media updates, add images, and monitor everything from one central location.

Get these video tutorials now! There are 8 videos with complete Step-By-Step instructions. Appoximately 30 minutes in total so you’ll be up and running in less than an hour.

Also includes a Reference Guide that you can print out and take notes as you follow along with the videos.

Satisfaction guaranteed for 60 days or your money back.

Try these Video Tutorials without risk for only $27 bucks.

Buck A. Roo

P.S. The software I refer to above is called HootSuite. You can sign up for the free version here: http://hootsuite.com/ Just don’t even try to use it without these Tutorials… it’d be like trying to fly a spaceship to Mars by yourself. ;> Get these Tutorials Now for only $27 and save youself a lot of blood, sweat and tears!