“How To Use Virtual Assistants to
Rapidly Build A Huge Empire of

Infoproduct Money Machines For You”

Let me take you by the hand and give you my
blueprint for creating high-value infoproducts with
less effort than you ever thought possible

(It’s easy when other people are doing all the work for you!)

Dear Friend:

Of all the income streams that an Internet Marketer can build for their businesses, creating an infoproduct and teaching others valuable skills in niche markets is, without a doubt, one of the most lucrative.

It’s no exaggeration that infoproducts are the absolute best kind of “set-n-forget” money machines. Once you create the product and put it up for sale, you just need eyeballs and the money starts flowing in.

The proof is right before your eyes.

Take a look at the Warrior Forum. It’s just one of hundreds of infoproduct marketplaces, but in the Warrior Special Offers section alone, you’re sitting on a multi-million dollar marketplace.

In fact, the WSO Pro System has processed well over $12 million dollars in sales from infoproducts…

…and there’s millions of dollars more sold in the WSO section that weren’t processed using WSO Pro. (Psst…you’re nuts if you’re not using WSO Pro.)

That’s a BIG chunk of money, isn’t it?

Now, the Warrior Forum is amazing and it’s made me hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it’s only one TINY sliver of the entire “infoproduct picture.”

Let’s take another step back here…

How About This $1.9 BILLION
Infoproduct Marketplace?

If you’ve been an Internet Marketer for any amount of time, you’ve definitely heard of Clickbank. It’s one of the biggest marketplaces for infoproducts in the world.

What I bet you didn’t know is that BILLIONS of dollars have flowed through Clickbank…

When I saw that figure, my jaw dropped. If you had asked me how many dollars in sales have been processed through Clickbank, I would’ve given you a figure in the hundreds of millions.

I definitely wouldn’t have said over a billion dollars, much less nearly $2 billion.

What’s amazing is that most of these sales are coming from a huge list of niches, far beyond the scope of “Internet Marketing.” The infoproducts in these niches are all HOT sellers…

Learn Piano
Tattoo Patterns
Music Production
Learn Photography
Learn to Draw
Learn to Sing
How to Play Violin
How to be a Magician
Discount Shopping Tips
How to Win the Lottery
Make Wine at Home
Start a Cupcake Business
Human Anatomy
Speed Studying
Defensive Driving
Learn Spanish
Test Preparation
Paid Surveys
Job Interview Guide
World of Warcraft Guides
XBox 360 Repair
Build a Solar Panel
Build a Water-Powered Car
Overcome Addiction
Get Rid of Acne
Dieting Guide
Building Muscle
Gaining Weight
Grow Taller
Woodworking Plans
Build A Shed
Wedding Speeches
Dog Training
Hydroponic Gardening
Build a Boat
Growing Organic Food
Baby Planning
Toddler Training
Handling Divorce
Beat Speeding Tickets
Texting for Romance
Save Your Marriage
Stress Management
Better Golf Swing
Sports Training
Forex Trading
Life Coaching

…and that list above doesn’t even come remotely close to scratching the surface of all the hot infoproduct niches out there.

The proof is undeniable. Anyone who says that Internet Marketing products are the only infoproducts that sell is absolutely out of their mind.

Infoproducts are here to stay, and the amount of sales is only going to continue to skyrocket. People crave information, tutorials and advice – and they’re more than happy to pay you for it.

There is one big problem with infoproduct creation, though…

Creating Infoproducts Is
Blood-Sucking Work, Unless…

If you’ve ever created an infoproduct, my hat goes off to you. You know as well as I do that it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears. It takes serious dedication.

Having created and co-created well over 80 infoproducts myself, I can tell you that product creation takes a LOT of work…if you’re doing all the work yourself.

It wasn’t until recently that I had one of those magic “ah-ha!” moments that changed everything for me. It was one of those times where I felt flat-out stupid for not thinking of it earlier.

You see, I’ve been getting smarter and smarter about using Virtual Assistants over the last several months. I had already been using them for a long time to…

- Build new websites for me
- Find great domain names
- Research keyword lists
- Build high PR backlinks
- Update my niche sites
- Post daily on forums
- Contact potential JV partners

…and a bunch of other important projects. But one of my most lucrative actvities, product creation, was nowhere on the list. I simply didn’t believe that a Virtual Assistant could create as high quality of a product as I could.

Boy, I was completely wrong. And I’ve never been happier.

Realizing that I should at least give my virtual assistants a chance to create a product before discounting their abilities, I assigned them a simple task to create a bonus report for one of my niche projects.

What I got back from my assistant made my jaw drop. A properly formatted, well-researched, step-by-step report that I knew people would be happy to pay for.

Someone else had done all the work and created a high-quality niche infoproduct for me, and it cost me less than $100. That infoproduct alone has since paid me back more than tenfold.

Needless to say, I knew I was sitting on a gold mine.

If you’re anything like me, this is the kind of stuff that gets your heart racing. It’s amazing how this concept the concept of putting in $100 to get $1,000+ back either “clicks” with people immediately or it never gets through to them.

(Billionaire investor Warren Buffett calls it “buying $1 for 50 cents.“)

With that in mind, the only real question you need to answer is…

How Much Money Do You Want To Make?

When you’re able to have completely unique, high-quality infoproducts written for you for less than $100, it means you can essentially create money out of thin air.

If you do the right kinds of research and make sure the infoproducts you have your assistants create are in markets with loads of raving, ready-to-buy customers, you’re almost guaranteeing yourself a new source of near-autopilot income.

And with a price tag of $100, it doesn’t take very many sales at all to earn your investment back. (And a whole lot more.)

Add that to the fact that the virtual assistant infoproduct creation process is a cookie cutter “rinse-n-repeat” system, and you have yourself a business that essentially grows itself.

All you need to do is get the eyeballs to see your new products, and people will buy in droves…especially if the product is good.

Let me be totally blunt with you…

I’ve earned well over a quarter of a million dollars directly from infoproducts alone, with some of that money coming from niche infoproducts you could never guess.

If I had realized that my VAs could create great products just 1 to 2 years earlier, I would be quoting earnings that are 2x to 3x larger.

Yes, having the help of virtual assistants could have put THAT much more in my pocket. It was a mistake not to use them for my infoproduct creation process for so long, but I’ve gotten smarter now.

I want to help YOU get smart about using them, too. Let me show you how.

Grab Your Piece Of This
Multi-Billion Dollar Market!
Introducing Infoproduct Empire…

I’ve just put the finishing touches on my new training course, Infoproduct Empire, designed to hand you my secrets for getting my virtual assistants to rapidly create super high-quality infoproducts in “buying markets” for me.

After you download the Infoproduct Empire training course today, you’re going to get all the techniques I’ve used over the past 5 years to create over 80 profitable, super high-value information products.

You get all of my infoproduct creation tactics delivered in 5 easy-to-read reference PDF modules…

1.) Quick Start Module
2.) Infoproduct Research Module
3.) Product Positioning Module
4.) Thud Factor Module
5.) Infoproduct Outsourcing Module
6.) BONUS: Product Creation Tools Reference Sheet

In the 5 powerful modules inside Infoproduct Empire, you’ll discover:

* How to strategically create a business using virtual assistants to build Infoproducts for you (Module 1)

* My “5 Question” process for analyzing the profitability of an Infoproduct market – avoid wasting time developing Infoproducts that don’t sell! (Module 1)

* Not sure what product to create yet? I’ve included an easy reference list of over 51 proven Clickbank sellers to help you overcome “analysis paralysis” (Module 1)

* How to effortlessly find pressing questions that your market will pay to have answered…rinse-and-repeat for an endless stream of Infoproduct ideas (Module 2)

* Free sources where you can legally “steal” data to let you know what niches and types of Infoproducts are selling the best (Module 2)

* Secrets for quickly analyzing your research data and converting it into a simple, high-value Infoproduct (Module 2)

* The two major types of Infoproducts and how you can use the knowledge to easily increase sales by up to 2x or more with virtually no effort (Module 3)

* How to position and properly label your Infoproducts to ensure you’re maximizing your profitability while spending as little effort as possible (Module 3)

* Real-world examples and price points of potential Infoproduct types, what you can include to increase value, product positioning, and more (Moudle 3)

* The powerful “Thud Factor” method for drastically increasing the perceived value of your offer without any extra effort (Module 4)

* My secret technique for skyrocketing customer satisfaction and lowering refunds immediately after the purchase – this has NOTHING to do with offering bonuses (Module 4)

* The BIG “Thud Factor” List – 22 easy ways to add value (and make more money) from virtually any niche Infoproduct (Module 4)

* My comprehensive list of the best tactics for using virtual assistants to rapidly create super high-quality Infoproducts that SELL (Module 5)

* A simple, easy, low-effort way that anyone can use to have a virtual assistant create near-instant cash flow for you – you’ll LOVE this one… (Module 5)

* How “offliners” can use virtual assistants to attract more local business clients or easily upsell existing clients on new (lucrative!) services (Module 5)

* Various product creation tools you can use to add value to your products, increase sales, and find new customers (Bonus Module)


As I’m sure you can tell, you’re getting a boatload of value here. The techniques I reveal inside Infoproduct Empire are perfect for you, whether you’re already creating infoproducts and want advanced techniques to help you make more money, or you’re just getting started with your brand new Infoproduct business.

Now, with all that in mind…

I haven’t even told you about the “no-brainer bonuses” you’re going to get instant access to after you join the Infoproduct Empire training course today.

Here’s Everything You Get When
You Download Infoproduct Empire

If you’ve purchased any of my training courses before, you know I pride myself on massive overdelivery…because I know that I get loyal, long-term fans when I provide so much high-quality content that anyone can afford.

So, with that in mind, you’re going to get 5 core PDF modules, a bonus module, plus 3 exclusive “no-brainer bonuses” when you order today:

1.) Quick Start Module
2.) Infoproduct Research Module
3.) Product Positioning Module
4.) Thud Factor Module
5.) Infoproduct Outsourcing Module
6.) BONUS: Product Creation Tools Reference Sheet


7.) BONUS: Infoproduct Empire Master Mindmap

This is an easy, at-a-glance view of every technique inside the Infoproduct Empire training course. Everything is organized so you can easily look at the mindmap while you’re creating your Infoproducts and get a quick “memory jog” on everything covered in the PDF modules.

8.) BONUS: Virtual Assistant Infoproduct Creation Report

This is a comprehensive 17 page report written for you by one of my best virtual assistants. It explains, from her perspective as a virtual assistant, how to most effectively use her skills to create (and sell) the best Infoproducts possible.

This is straight from the “horse’s mouth” – she’s the same type of virtual assistant you will want to hire to create your Infoproducts. Her insights are invaluable and go above and beyond many of the techniques I discuss in the core modules.

9.) BONUS: How to Create $10 Hot Reports That Sell Like Crazy

This is one of my most popular and best-selling infoproducts of all time. It reveals the process I go through when developing new products, how to sell them, and much more. It includes…

* How to get your first flood of sales in just a matter of a few hours.

* The key to effortlessly finding hot niches that beg for your “stuff”

* Exactly what type of content to generate to make your customers love you.

* 19 hot, secret tips I use to to generate cash on demand with my hot reports

* The absolute quickest ways to drive laser targeted buyers to your sales page

* The 4 minute research trick that virtually ensures your report will be a raging success

…remember, that’s just ONE of the bonuses you’re going to get after you order today. It’s all included in Infoproduct Empire.

You get instant access to all 5 Infoproduct Empire Core PDF Modules, a bonus module, plus the 3 exclusive “no-brainer bonuses” listed above as part of this WSO.

It’s a powerful package for those who are looking for advanced infoproduct creation tactics that anyone can use. Despite the fact this is so comprehensive, it’s at a price literally anyone can afford…

Warriors Paid $17
Buck’s Troop Gets Everything for $7

If you take a look at the over-the-top value that is provided in Infoproduct Empire, it would be an absolute bargain if I charged $97 for it. The real-world price to “outsiders” would probably be closer to $197, to be perfectly honest.

But, this is a WSO…and it’s one of my best products yet. I’m extremely proud of what I’ve done and I know virtually any Warrior can use the tactics inside Infoproduct Empire to start making more money.

So, to allow as many people as possible to get access to Infoproduct Empire, I’m going to kick off this WSO at a rock-bottom price…

You get full, instant access to all 5 core PDF modules, the bonus module, and the 3 “no-brainer bonuses” Only $7:

Now, here’s the thing…

It’s really stupid of me to set it at such a low price. People subconsciously equate price to value, and there’s so much in this package that I should be setting a price tag that’s at least triple what you’re getting it for today.

But, I knew that if I put a price tag on the product that reflected it’s true value, it would be too high and I’d have to turn away many of the same people who need it the most.

With all that in mind, join now and I’ll see you inside the Infoproduct Empire download area. I know you’ll love the strategies and techniques I reveal.

All the best,
Matt W. Rhodes

P.S. I shouldn’t even need to mention this, but Infoproduct Empire is, of course, 100% backed by my usual Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee. If you don’t love it, just let me know within 60 days and I’ll send you back every penny.

I’m taking all the risk, and I know you’ll be blown away by all of the training materials you’re getting today.