SEX Sells… So Does Video…
WARNING: What You Are About to Discover Will Piss Off Your Competition!

From the Desk of Buck

There are THREE BASICS to ANY type of marketing. They are (in this EXACT order):

1. GRAB their attention (snail mail envelope, email subject, PPC link, SERP… etc.)
2. DELIVER your offer (get them to read, understand, watch, pay attention to… etc.)
3. Get them to TAKE SOME ACTION (order your ebook, sign up for email, call etc.)

THAT IS IT. In a nutshell that is the entire drive of marketing. Done. You just saved yourself $9,995 and 11 years of reading through 1448 different versions of the same fluff.

You need to know that a great deal of the marketing ‘advice’ you get is from very clever people, with fairly sophisticated ‘systems’, that make the whole process completely impossible to understand and then blame you for not ‘getting it’.

It is getting OLD… very quickly! People are catching on to the ‘BS sales letter’ tactics and the only people buying into it anymore are the same ones that think that this ‘works’ to attract other people.

Well.. it used to… but not anymore….

Look, if you are marketing on the internet, you need a QUICK solution to gain the attention of your target market WITHOUT all the BS and hype<. You need to quickly GRAB their attention, DELIVER your message and get them to take ACTION.


By far the most powerful, quickest way to do exactly this is through the use of VIDEO.

Creating professional videos to LAUNCH your products, DELIVER your message and get people to take ACTION is the MOST POWERFUL HIGH CONVERSION method there is in internet marketing… period..

But the problem is…. how do you start without any money to invest in fancy software, sophisticated systems or….gulp… a professional videographer????

What you need is a quick video solution and if this is the first solution you stumbled upon, well then my friend, you are in LUCK because your search can stop right here and BOY am I jealous… (I wish someone would have shown me THIS when I first started!)

Look.. I am glad you found this page, because THIS SOLUTION is the result of years of bad luck, bad choices, good luck, good choices…BUT way too much money spent figuring it all out!

Don’t be like me and go through video program after video program. Don’t buy ‘this’ video solution after ‘that’ solution. Take it from me, I have ‘been around the block’ and I know that you will quickly be absolutely SICK of wasting precious hours (or days) beating your head against the wall trying to figure out how in the HELL to get an awesome HIGH CONVERTING sales video that literally jumps off the page and PULLS visitors into your offer without spending all your time or WORSE… all your money!!

For a measly investment, you are saving yourself hours, days, even months of research and ‘hit or miss’ solutions….

In ‘Kick Ass’ Sales Page Video Creation, You Will Discover…
– How to make KICK ASS Sales Videos Quickly in Less than 10 Minutes
– How to One-Click Upload Videos to YouTube
– How to Embed Videos in Your Sales Page
– How to Download ANY YouTube Video
– How to Upload Custom MP4 Files to Your Server
– How to Create PROFESSIONAL Embeded Video