Imagine if you could have all the ebook covers,
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Revealed Below:

- How to get the Laughingbird Logo Creator Software for free! Normally a $39.00 value

- Get a professional, unique look on your Facebook Timeline landing page without the help of a designer

- Create unlimited free ebook covers with a few click-and-drags of your mouse

When logos and book covers are so easy to make, why should you ever have to pay someone else to do them for you?

Especially when there’s an excellent software that will do it for you. This software has hundreds of pre-designed logos you can use. There are hundreds of fonts, infinite colors, and you can import anything you wish.

The software is called Laughingbird Logo Creator. It’s usually $39.00. But this weekend, you have voted for Laughingbird Logo Creator Tutorials to be the special! That means you can get them for only $27.

$39.00 Software for FREE?

In Video 1, Stacey Swift shows you how to get the Laughingbird Logo Creator Software… not for $39… not for $20… not for $9.99… but for FREE.

Now you can make all the ebook covers, banners, graphics, and logos you want using nothing but free resources.

You can even get add-ons to make your own Facebook Timeline templates AND… you can create your own cartoon character in a matter of minutes.

Laughingbird Logo Creator Tutorials

Normally $27, this weekend you can get an instant savings of $20.00. For only $7.00 you get seven videos:

Video 1 – Installing the Logo Creator

Get this $39 software for free. Then watch over Stacey’s shoulder as the software is installed and updated to the most current version.

Video 2 – Templates

Where to find and how to use the templates Laughingbird provides free. Plus you can make your own templates and save book covers and logos that are works-in-progress.

Video 3 – Adjusting the Canvas

How to edit your logo or book cover. Making changes is as easy as clicking what you want to change. Change colors and sizes with ease.

Video 4 – Editing Text

How to change fonts and alignment. Make text big or small, spaced far or close. Use shadows, blur, angles, images, gradients, and more.

Video 5 – Editing Image Elements

Change the opacity, color, angle, and size of images with a click and drag of your mouse. Customize your own unique logo anyway you want.

Video 6 – Getting Free Images

Where Stacey loves to get images. How she gets the best images but never pays for them.

Video 7 – Creating a Book Cover

Use your new software (you didn’t pay for) and images (you didn’t pay for) to make a book cover (that only costs you a little of your time). Resize the canvas. Choose from the pre-installed templates or make your own. Watch as Stacey creates a book cover step-by-step.

That’s not all. You also get the Logo Creator Quick Start PDF. It shows you how to get the Logo Creator software for free, install it, and get started making your own logos and book covers.

What’s the catch?

Why so suspicious, my human friend? There’s no catch here. It’s really quite simple.

Laughingbird Logo Creator Tutorials gives you an open door to a world where you never have to pay for logos or ebook covers or any other graphics unless you want to.

Imagine how much money you won’t have to spend now that you can design graphics on your own. You’ll never lose money or over-spend but you will have beautiful eye-catching ebook covers, logos, and more.

This all-access pass to the world of never again paying for graphics or worrying about where you’ll get them is…

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60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I know you will love Laughingbird Logo Creator Tutorials. You’ll love using the software, making ebook covers and logos that suit you, never having to trust a stranger with your graphics.

Spend the next 60 days making your own graphics, your own ebook covers, logos for yourself and even friends! When see how easy the software is to use, when you see the quality of work you produce, when you see the looks on the faces of others when you say you made these graphics…

I won’t be able to get these tutorials back from you! You MUST be satisfied with this entire package or I don’t want to keep your money.

Anytime in the next 60 days you can email my human counterparts at or write us at 11121 Carmel Commons Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28227 and get a full refund. We won’t ask any questions. But we will send you 100% of your money back as fast as we possibly can.

Try It Now

Don’t delay. Download your copy of Laughingbird Logo Creator Tutorials right now, get your free software, and, for the rest of your life you’ll never need help with graphics again.

Thanks for reading my letter.

Buck A. Roo