Think you’ve heard all of James Jones’s self-publishing secrets? James says THINK AGAIN! He’s still got some up his sleeve and now promises:

“If you have 28 minutes, then I’ll make sure you
never suffer from a lack of ideas for new books”

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* Never be frustrated by a blank page again, ever!

* James finally reveals his research techniques to find, in less than 60 minutes, 12 to 15 prime info-markets ready to buy more books:

From: B. Roo
Subject: More books means more royalties
Date: 2/22/13 at 9:12 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Today, I will put 6 videos in your hand. Download them now. You won’t risk a penny to see them. Watch every second. Take notes.

This weekend’s special is extra special. Because it was created by James Jones himself. For 28 minutes, he talks to you like you’re sitting right beside him. He shows you what it’s taken him months to figure out… How To Find Red Hot Kindle Niches.

In your videos, you get answers to questions like:

How can you tell which niche markets have a high demand for books?

• How can you tell how many copies of a book are selling every month on Amazon?

How do you know when there’s too much competition or not enough?

• What’s a quick way to see if it’s even possible for your book to make it to the first page of results for your keyword?

What resources does James use as “niche finders” to quickly locate new opportunities?

And so many more. Can you put a price on getting help from someone like James? Sure you can. And whatever price you’d put, I bet it’s higher than the one you’ll see today.

But before you claim your risk-free copy of How To Find Red Hot Kindle Niches., let me tell you:

James’s Kindle “Real Estate” Secret

Wait! Don’t write a single word of your book.

Do this first.

Go to the Kindle Store on Amazon. Then type in the keyword for which you want your book to appear on the first page of results.

Done? Good.

Now, I want you to consider all the books on this first page of results as prime REAL ESTATE!

Before you build a new home, you’d check the property values on the street, right? You wouldn’t throw your house up in an environment where you haven’t done some research, right?

So why do people build books FIRST, and then go and figure out the best way to sell it or rank it? It’s stupid and backwards. We have to FIRST figure out what this real estate is worth.

In How To Find Red Hot Kindle Niches., James shows you exactly how to value this real estate fast. This snap-shot reveals if writing a book will be worth your time. You’ll even see how much money each book is making its author. But…

Amazon doesn’t tell you how many copies of a book
is selling every month, right? WRONG!

Fire up Video 1 of How To Find Red Hot Kindle Niches.. It’s called, How to find niches with high demand for books.

Watch James show you how to find Amazon’s most profitable niches paying 3 to 4 authors on the first page of results at least $500 to $1,000 per month.

These niches love books and send you royalty payments that grow month after month. Imagine if each book you assemble is worth $200, $300, as high as $800 per month!

How quickly could you build wealth? How many more sudden vacations could you take? Without feeling guilty? How many more days could you stay home from work – or perhaps not work at all? How many more smiles on your children’s faces would you see?

When you learn James’s secrets in How To Find Red Hot Kindle Niches., you can make this a reality. You learn how to recognize niches with high demand for information. You’ll see how to track what other authors are doing to make money.

You’ll get James’s chart that lets you estimate monthly sales for a book based on its Best Seller Rank. Now you can find out how much money an author is making… even if he doesn’t want you to know!

Discover James’s Favorite “Niche Finders”

Videos 2 thru 4 give you a tour of James’s favorite niche finders. You see the places he goes to get inspired, excited, and prepared to fill pages rapidly with solid content.

Just by watching, you build skills in exploring markets, finding breaking topics, and creating books your markets receive with open arms and wallets.

You get the website James uses when he’s in a bind and needs lots of new ideas fast. This is how he gets 12 to 15 new book ideas in 45 minutes or less.

Then, in Video 5, you see how to take your research and turn it into a book. Whether you write it or not, whether you’re the expert or not, it does not matter. How To Find Red Hot Kindle Niches. is about knowing you have a winning book, before you write a word of it.

You see how to gather intel on competing authors and their work. See how to find your own angle or spin on the content. Discover how to change prices to get better results. And learn how to add interactive elements into your books.

Today, you are downloading all 6 videos of our brand new How To Find Red Hot Kindle Niches.. You’ll spend half an hour with James Jones, learning, watching over his shoulder, as he explain what took him months to learn.

You get:

Video 1 – How to find niches with high demand for books

Video 2 – Where do you find these niches?

Video 3 – Find 12 to 15 niches in under one hour

Video 4 – Exploring Markets & Breaking Topics

Video 5 – Your Research Becomes Your Book

Video 6 – The Big Takeaway

These ideas can be used to make anything from a book to a large information product for almost any market you can imagine. Try this product for only $27.00.

Try feeding yourself these days for $27. You can’t go anywhere and get a get a good meal for that little. But think what Red Hot Kindle Niches. will do for your income! Why I bet you could eat out three times more than you do now by listening closely to this product.

But don’t worry. Even tho $27 is like giving it away, I still won’t let you risk one red penny of your money. That’s because if you try Red Hot Kindle Niches. today, I’ll also protect you with my…


You must DOUBLE your number of published books in 12 months or you get all
your month back – no questions asked!

I know book writing is what you dread. I promise book writing will be an after-thought after you watch Red Hot Kindle Niches.. By the time you finish James’s process, you won’t struggle to write your book. The pages will fill themselves with your research.

I know you’ve heard a lot. Learned from a lot of teachers. Bought a lot of products that made claims like this one.

But those weren’t from me. I’ve been publishing on Amazon since the doors opened. And when you try one of my products, you’re getting all that experience and judgment in your noggin.

That’s why I’m giving you one whole year to try Red Hot Kindle Niches.. Who else does that? Plus, if you think I have over spoken, then you send an email to Stacey, Jordan, or Wayne will give you a instant, fast refund – no questions asked! And you can keep my product forever.

All the risk is on me. So if you try Red Hot Kindle Niches. today, I personally promise:

1. Much of your frustration and procrastination must become a thing of the past, a figment of your imagination.

2. You MUST never again suffer writer’s block or the blank page blues.

3. You MUST see a substantial increase in your royalty payments. See larger bank wires every month. Grin from ear to ear.

4. You MUST at least double the number of published books you have in the next 12 months. Not because you work hard, but because you can’t believe how easy it was to assemble info people will pay for.

5. Your fear of writing a book that doesn’t sell MUST vanish into thin air within the next year as you see why you rarely have to experience a book selling ZERO copies.

6. You MUST gain more confidence than ever before in your ability to write, assemble, and publish books.

Otherwise, you go to your email inbox and send a refund request to me at One of my homo sapiens will be happy to help you.

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Thanks for reading my letter.

Your friend,

Buck A. Roo
Net Results, LLC
11121 Carmel Commons Blvd
Suite 305
Charlotte, NC 28226

P.S. You don’t need my help. Not really. You could figure out all this on your own, with lots of time and testing. But if you’d rather blaze thru this slow period of procrastination and confusion, then try Red Hot Kindle Niches. today.

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