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Dear Internet Marketer,

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Do You Want To Know My Secret?

It’s Kindle!

Now, I’m sure you know what the Kindle is… but just in case:

The Kindle is an electronic ebook reader sold by Amazon. It is the size of a small paperback book, but lighter. It stores thousands of ebooks that are all downloaded from Amazon’s Kindle Store to the Kindle reader.

What Does This Mean To You?

The Kindle Store is a virtual goldmine. It’s an Amazon ebook store that allows you, and anyone else, to jump online and sell their digital products FAST – using their traffic, their website, their delivery system, and their effort to make YOU money!

(and Yes! This opportunity is available to our International Friends as well as U.S.)

And if you have any Private Label Rights ebooks, this method involves only about 15 minutes of work! You just fill out a form… upload the ebook… and PRESTO! You’re making money.

The best part is, your customers don’t have to connect to a computer to buy a new ebook. Kindle users can go online from anywhere using JUST the reader, and purchase new material to read. No computer, no cables. It is completely portable!

Don’t worry… as a publisher YOU don’t need to own a Kindle to take advantage of the opportunity! All you need is a free Kindle publisher account which I will show you how to get.

You know, with just the info I’ve given you above, you could probably start making money with this opportunity. But through my experience with it, I’ve come up with a system that is so powerful, so fool-proof, and so easy, that you’re virtually guaranteed to make money!

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  • How to properly categorize your ebooks.
  • How to price your ebook – For the best response. Too low, and you won’t make much… To high, and you won’t make anything at all!
  • How to repeat this system over and over – for maximum effectiveness with minimal effort! By the time your first ebook is available on Kindle, I can show you how to have another 10-20 waiting to go!
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  • How to instantly increase your views (and sales) with just a few extra keystrokes! (This secret isn’t revealed anywhere else!)
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It’s like watching over my shoulder as I create a profitable ebook business right before your eyes!

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I’ve read Kindle Profits Exposed and it was an eye opener on how easy it is to set up additional profit streams. I liked the way you throughly explained how to find books to market on Kindle. In addition, the instructions on how to get your account set up with Kindle were very clear and detailed. It’s a very good book on how to work once and get paid indefinitely.

Dale Nelson


This is a fantastic book. I have been working on my first ebook using your tips and look forward to making some good money.
The information is clear, concise, and easy to follow. This is exciting and a great money making creative outlet! Thanks so much for all your research and tips!

Kalli Widger


Thanks so much for creating, “Kindle Profits Exposed” I was in the middle of writing my own e-book and had no idea where to start selling it.
I came across your easy-to-follow guide and now have the perfect sales tools at my disposal. I would have never thought selling on Amazon was so easy.
It only took me about 15 minutes to get two of my newly published books online. I’m really excited!!

Chris Cox



I purchased your Kindle Profits Exposed which is really easy to understand. I took a few of my plr ebooks and published them on Kindle. It didn’t take much time to do the work, just uploading some files. I’ve already made $23.50 from two ebooks, easiest money I’ve ever made. Now I’m working on other great ideas you recommend in your ebook!

Curt de la Cruz


After purchasing Kindle Profits Exposed, within 2 days I uploaded a few public domain and PLR titles after following your simple instructions. I sold $64.34 in July and increased to $89.34 in passive income in August with multiple titles sold. Thanks for providing such a great resource on to how to publish on Amazon Kindle.

Tamarila Shelton


After reading your Kindle Profits Exposed report I took about 20 of my eBooks and put them on Amazon just to see what they might do. I started this in June. The total as of the end of August is over $120.00. That isn’t bad for about an hours worth of work! I would be interested to see which eBooks tend to sell the best on Kindle. With another couple hours worth of work I could potentially double or triple my earnings. Thank you for sharing Kindle with the rest of us!

Judie Brown

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