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Everyone knows you can make $10, $20 or even $50 per month with a mini-blog… but I can pull in $500 to $1,000 (sometimes much more) by writing a single blog post in an hour or two!

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The incredibly powerful Linkbait Cash Machine System is built on one simple, little-known concept called "linkbait".

Linkbait is free, high-quality content, generally published on a blog, designed to impress readers, establish credibility, and prove expertise.

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Around two years ago I created a special blog entry that promoted a certain affiliate product. Instead of going light and easy on the content, I invested a lot of time and effort to create a full case study. Demonstrating a simple "method" of building a monthly income between $300 and $500 per month. After I gave that content, for free, to my readers, my popularity skyrocketed!

Even now, I still get checks in the mail. They usually come every two weeks. Since those affiliate links are still good, I still get paid for that "work" I did two years ago. But more importantly: I still get new customers from that post. Many of whom had never heard of me prior to reading that post.

It’s a cash machine that doesn’t stop putting money in my bank account.

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The Linkbait Cash Machine System: What Is It?

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Core Manual: "How To Create Multiple Streams of Income with Linkbait"

This shows you everything about creating linkbait and profiting from it. Here’s some of what you’ll discover inside this no-fluff manual:

* How you’re able to "accidentally" become an expert or guru in virtually any niche using linkbait (page 2)

* The three-word law that reveals how you’re able to magically suck in extra cash and traffic with your blog posts (page 3)

* My stupid little "secret" for generating surges of 300 to 1,000+ extra visitors in a 24 hour period (page 3)

* How I rapidly do keyword research and find the perfect long-tail keywords and combine them with great linkbait topics (page 4)

* Can you get ranked? My easy system analyzes competing websites in Google and gives you a decisive answer for free (pages 5-6)

* The 8 golden rules for getting a piece of linkbait (or any piece of content) to rank in Google’s top 10 and generate traffic for your blog on autopilot (page 8)

* The comprehensive list of different tactics you can use to create your very own cash-sucking linkbait (page 9)

* My sneaky little secret for ethically "stealing" traffic from extremely popular niche blogs – no one does this – this simple tactic alone is worth over seven bucks! (page 10)

* How to maximize the long-term profit from your linkbait and leverage the traffic you get to perpetuate the money-making process (page 12)

* The super-lucrative technique that the "gurus" use linkbait to cash in on 6 and 7-figure paydays (page 13)

* How to leverage your linkbait to analyze exactly what kind of products and services that would sell like crazy to your readers (page 13)

* My "4-Step Linkbait Traffic Machine" that enables you to create your first money-making linkbait just minutes after reading the report (page 14)

Bonus Manual: "Money-Making Linkbait Case Studies"

You’re also getting a 22-page bonus case study manual that reveals some of the linkbait cash machines that are still making money and generating traffic for us today.

I go over each piece of linkbait at length to reveal what made each blog post incredibly successful for us.

Here is a small taste of what I talk about in the bonus manual…

* How we are able to instantly increase the perceived value of any linkbait using only 1 to 2 sentences (page 2)

* How we’re able to "pre-sell" readers into becoming customers and buying our products and services almost instantly (page 3)

* How to use the power of ___________ to give value and make you permanently stick in your reader’s mind (pages 6-7)

* Having trouble creating content for your linkbait? This "obvious trick" will help you boost the length and quality of your content (pages 7-8)

* Want to boost your credibility and increase your affiliate commissions at the same time? Don’t miss this tip… (pages 8-9)

* The one little change you can make to your _________ to motivate your customers into purchasing NOW (page 12)

* The one "special" type of linkbait that you can create to provide massive amounts of value in just minutes (page 13)

* It normally takes 6-7 exposures to a product in order to make the sale. This tip reveals how we’re able to "beat" that number effortlessly (page 14)

* Linkbait compounding: The more linkbait you build, the more effective each piece of linkbait becomes in generating visitors and income. Find out how we use it to our advantage (pages 15-16)

* A special (but very easy) technique that experts use to help build a huge readership and get thousands of loyal customers (page 18)

* This is yet another powerful way that we’re able to use existing linkbait as leverage to get a huge flood of sales (page 19)

There’s Still More!
You Also Get A One-Page Bonus Reference Sheet: "8 Golden Rules of Linkbait SEO"

This one-page reference is designed to be printed and used as a quick and easy guide for creating linkbait that works.

These rules include advanced SEO techniques that make the search engines love your content (some of our linkbait is PR4 or PR5), but are incredibly simple for anyone to follow.

This is the exact process I follow to optimize my linkbait (and other content) to get long-term traffic for a particular keyword phrase.

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Originally Posted by Robert Montoya

Looking great. I have several blogs but just ping them every day. I would like to start to do something else with them. Like make money. lol
I really like your 8 Golden Rules of Linkbait SEO – Quick Reference! NICE!

Much Success to you!


Originally Posted by tezza

Just purchased and downloaded Linkbait. Great package. Thanks for over-delivering. Not only do you get the Linkbait System but also Case Studies, Golden Rules that outline all the steps and the Hot Report and RSS Super Glue Bonuses. Matt has set out everything in a step by step way which I can action easily and I am a Blogging Noobie. My blogs can now start earning some real cash. Whoopee!!

Thanks Matt. Have already started on my first LinkBait article. Grab this while you can. It’s such good value for money

Originally Posted by Paul Myers


Even when it’s a topic I know well, there’s always something in there that makes it a good deal. Makes it kind of an easy decision when you know that’s going to be the case.

- Paul

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