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My Dear Friend,

Imagine you step out from the back seat of a black limo onto a red carpet. You strut into a local charity ball – an event to which only the best in your field were invited.

Inside, the first person you spot is a high profile executive at the company you’ve been dying to do work for. Should you introduce yourself? What will you say? What you come across as a fool?

He makes eye contact with you, begins to turn away, then looks back. What’s this? He seems to recognize you. He begins to pace towards you with a friendly smile…

Your heart is racing. Has the man gone mad? He extends his hand and says, “Hello Mr. Jones. It’s so nice to finally meet you. I’ve seen your profile on LinkedIn and even visited your blog. I admire your work and invited you to this gala just to tell you so!”

Have A Life Many Want, But Few Get

It’s within your reach, you know. You can have direct access to 175 million of the most professional people in the world – and they have no gatekeepers. These people are on LinkedIn and they’re waiting for you to join the party… but don’t go rushing off to make a profile just yet.

You don’t want to come across the way so many do… as bland, boring, normal, and just plain average, do you?

I think not! After all, it’s your chance to connect with the smartest, most trusted contacts and thought leaders in virtually all markets – the last thing you want to do is seem like everyone else!

And I’ve got just the thing to help you stand out and…

Experience Your New Life Starting Today

My name is B. Roo and the B stands for Buck. Besides being named “Most Handsome Kangaroo Alive” in 2008, I’m also the Chief Animal Officer here at The Net Results. I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but…

I think you deserve better friends. You deserve people in your life who lift you up; boost your income; give more than they take; and feed your intellectual and spiritual needs.

You deserve associations and connections that care about your success and are, like you, focused on helping and serving people.

So you deserve training that can make the world’s best and brightest people DESIRE a friendship with YOU. Just a couple of months ago, I published that training: a brand new seven-video networking course called Learn LinkedIn And Network Like A Pro – priced to sell at $27.00

Here are the seven videos guaranteed to get you noticed by the people who matter most in your industry:

Video 1 – LinkedIn Intro

Video 2 – Creating a New LinkedIn Account

Video 3 – Establishing An Impressionable Profile

Video 4 – Updating LinkedIn Settings

Video 5 – Connecting with Colleagues and Friends

Video 6 – Job Seekers on LinkedIn

Video 7 – LinkedIn Answers

How Networking Like A Pro Can Help You:

Imagine yourself as a magnet that attracts the most enlightened, enriched minds on the planet…

Picture yourself as the person that companies AMBUSH at events because your “profile” has pre-sold them and they want to get on your schedule.

Listen: You’re only one LinkedIn “profile” away from having this experience. And Network Like A Pro will teach you how to make it happen, and you’ll learn so much more like:

* How to collect solid recommendations to reinforce your expertise. Now your reputation can precede you and you’ll almost never have to answer, “Um… who are you?”

* How to attract more clients for your full or part-time business

* Showcase your “portfolio” and prove how wonderful your work is (before you ask for sales or hiring decisions). Plus, display rave reviews to the people whose opinions matter most

* Rapidly build your personal connections! Finally! Meet people who share your skills and interests

* “You’re the person I’ve been looking for!” How to convince the right people you have the exact experiences needed to get the job done

* Have an address book that NEVER goes out of date. Keep current with your friends’ latest jobs, projects… and keep in touch with ease.

* How to move up rank in the “list of experts” in your market

* Find a new job with better pay and benefits, or start a new career path. Apply to America’s best companies, with the most enjoyable workplaces, in seconds!

* Plus, there’s more great news…

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* 8 ways to make sure people NEVER forget you

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Are your friends making you poor?

According to Jim Rohn, success guru and motivational speaker, “your income will be the average earnings of your five closest friends.”

Here’s the test: Guess the salary of your five closest friends. Add those numbers and divide by 5. Then compare that number to your yearly pay…

And don’t be shocked if the numbers are very close. Don’t drop your current friends… just let me help you make some new ones, smarter ones; friends who can help you make more money (because they do).

So you may be wondering, like Beyonce…

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Yes, yes you can.

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