Whoever said, “The Devil’s in the details” certainly never tried to build a website.

It seems to be more like, “The Devil’s in the Internet” — at least that’s how it feels sometimes when, try as you might, you can’t figure out how to do something you really need to do. Or maybe you get error messages over and over — and have no idea how to fix them.

Indeed, the Internet has caused more headaches than bad kangaroo jokes.

This package is packed with content that will pull back the curtains and reveal the most powerful technologies currently available to you on the Internet… so you can use them to your advantage.

There are 17 videos in this package:

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Here’s a list of the videos:

Video 1 – Introduction to cPanel
Video 2 – Using and Understanding cPanel Log Files
Video 3 – Using cPanel to Backup and Restore your Website
Video 4 – How to Create a MySQL Database using cPanel
Video 5 – How to Create Redirect Links from cPanel
Video 6 – How to Create a Customized Error Page
Video 7 – How to Password Protect a Folder on your Website
Video 8 – Using the cPanel Security Panel
Video 9 – How to Create a website specific eMail Account (yourname@YourWebsite.com)
Video 10 – How to Create eMail Forwarders using cPanel
Video 11 – How to Create Favicons for your Websites
Video 12 – How to Manage Name Servers
Video 13 – What Is FTP
Video 14 – How to Download and Install Filezilla
Video 15 – How to Connect to Your Website using FTP
Video 16 – How to Set up a Secure FTP Connection
Video 17 – Transfering Files with Filezilla

* Finally get up to speed with using cPanel
* Learn to read and use your cpanel Log Files.
* Quick and Easy Backup of your Website — and how to Restore it if needed
* Create easy redirects from inside your cPanel to cloak affiliate links and stop commission hijacking (which happens every day).
* Improve email delivery in a few clicks.
* Find out exactly what visitors are doing on your site.
* Customize your Error Page
* How to Tips for “backing up” your site, creating folders, uploading files, setting permissions, configure php settings, etc…

Protect your site’s files from unauthorized snoopers and bandwidth leechers.

NOTE OF INTEREST: You will not be a PHP expert after watching these videos. Unless you’re a savant genius, you won’t be able to write php code from scratch either. What you will be equipped to do is look at php code and tell “what’s going on” so you can edit the code to get the result you’re looking for.

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Grab yours now: Only $27.00