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Friday, 11:41 a.m.
18 November 2011

How to let your products create themselves…

Dear Friend,

We’re not talking about cheap, low-grade, crappy products and…

This isn’t about ebooks!

With the 16 videos in One Day Product Creation you will see exactly how the respected authorties in any market make their video products.

By this evening you’ll see…

Content Outline Secrets – Learn how you can have your product come to life without brainstorming. You’ll learn secrets to creating content outlines in minutes that let your products create themselves!

All The Tools You’ll Need – These are the tools we recommend presented in quick, snappy and easy to follow tutorials that don’t require a Rocket Science Degree to understand!

A Huge Resource Guide! – You get a huge resource video tutorial with links and the tools that assist in your product creation. This video alone is worth the purchase price!

The 5 Step Sales Letter System – While this isn’t a copywriting course, you also get my hard hitting and easy to use 5 step copywriting system. It’s a quick read and is loaded with template sales copy that will allow you to put together a sales letter in just an hour or so. That means you’ll learn to create a product and the letter to sell it!

The recording system and microphone that make you sound PERFECT – while not required, you can get the same quality of Disney recordings for very little cost.

PROVEN & TESTED Information – This info has made real money on the Internet, creating real world video products that can easily be created, sold and maintained.

How to get those awesome video intros to put at the front of all your videos… for free!

Simple! Even for newbies… – Even if you’re a complete newbie, you are going to find that applying the information in One Day Product Creation is easy and completely broken down for you.

Non-Techie Training – This system was created with the new video creation enthusiast in mind. Everything is broken down step by step and every step is analyzed and described in full detail for ease of understanding.

Additional Resources – To give you a further boost and excel your progress, we are going to give you access to additional tools to help you get started fast! You’re going to love these resources and recommendations!

And a whole lot more!

Download these videos now and watch them anytime, from the comfort of your own home.

This package is huge, over 500 megabytes — you get every resource, every formula, every technique, tip, trick, secret, strategy, everything!

Try it Risk Free for 60 Days

Just send us an email at or go to and we will refund your money, no questions asked. Stacey, Hakon, Rayne, Elisa, Brandon, or Wayne will help you ASAP.

Use the button below and safely pay with Paypal or your credit card on 100% secure servers.

Buck A. Roo