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Introducing… Pinterest & Polyvore

Instead of throat-cutting, Pinterest and Polyvore are more interested in hand-holding.

What does that mean for you?

Well, it could mean something big. Because Pinterest and Polyvore go well together. One seems to pick up where the other leaves off.

Polyvore alone is growing monthly by 2 million unique visits (and 1 million of those are from Pinterest).

Now the two companies have decided to work together and promote each other instead of compete.

Why not join them?

Pinterest is already the 3rd largest social media engine (behind Facebook and Twitter).

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Endless opportunities

Do you market information? Do you sell a physical product? Are you in a service industry?

No matter what you do, you can find an application for Pinterest and Polyvore in your business.

1) Are you hosting a holiday special? Maybe you could build a holiday wishes page. As an example, put together products and quotes that invoke the feeling of Happy Mother’s Day.”

2) Create a “what you need” image. Maybe you could create an image called Anatomy of a Woman’s Gym Bag. Around the bag, you place products every woman needs to stay healthy and fit.

3) Simple inspiration; a powerful quote beside a picture of the new Nike running shoes.

4) Food and receipe blogs; people love food and new receipes. Mothers are always looking for new ways to please their family.

5) Emotions, colors, seasons…

6) Party ideas…

7) Top 10 lists, bucket lists, places-to-visit lists…

8 ) Favorite things, album covers, book covers…

9) Rainy day activities…

10) Gift ideas…

So you should consider trying Pinterest & Polyvore right now because of all the new tips and tricks you’ll learn:

- Does Pinterest hide your profile from search engines? Find out now. Page 12.

- When fun can cost you money on Pinterest. Page 13.

- What makes a pin popular? Page 16.

- Inspiration. Solutions. Healthy food alternatives. These are 3 of 8 popular Pinterest categories. The others are on page 17.

- 15 most popular pins of all time. Page 18.

- 15 most popular pictures on Pinterest. Page 18.

- The easiest way to get followers. Page 28.

- 5 ways to create original content and images. Page 46.

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