How To Profit with Pinterest — A Case Study

In this 24 part video series Pinterest expert Ashley Zee will show you
how to monetize Pinterest and maximize it’s features to your advantage.

There are a lot of internet marketers hawking their products or affiliate links on Pinterest but in the completely wrong way. This course will help you to set yourself apart from the pack and market on Pinterest in a thoughtful, effective, and Pinterest-friendly manner.

This course is highly useful for internet marketers, but anyone that uses Pinterest (or is thinking about joining Pinterest) will benefit from this material.

Here’s what Ashley is going to cover with you:

* Reasons for Using Pinterest
* What Makes a Good Pinterest Topic
* Categories and Niches
* Popular and Categories
* Google Insights
* Different Kinds of Pins
* Pins for Store Credits
* Pins to Promote Affiliate Programs
* The “Alley Oop” Pin
* Text Tips
* Board Names
* Good and Bad Pin Examples
* Hashtags
* Your Link
* Problems and Solutions
* List Pins
* When to Show Price
* How to Make a Composite Image
* Unique Websites for Pins
* Magazines Example
* How to Get Followers
* The Invite Feature
* Getting Followers through Yahoo Answers
* Getting Followers through Craigslist

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  • –> Learn how to optimize boards and pins for Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization…
  • –> Harness Pinterest’s traffic referral power and convert this constant stream of visitors to buyers, subscribers, followers, etc.!
  • –> Avoid common pitfalls that most Pinterest users unwittingly fall for…
  • –> Discover little-known sources for unique pins that will generate repins and more followers…

The course is taught with text materials, whiteboard lectures, and a series of videos that demonstrate how to execute key strategies for marketing with Pinterest.

BONUS: 24 pages Profit With Pinterest PDF Guide.