What if you could start over and get rewarded for almost all the posts and recommendations you’ve made on Facebook?

Announcing sneaky new way to get
cash and store credit just for
looking at stuff you like

“I can’t believe no one else is doing this!”

My social media goddess, Ashley, is one of my favorite women — she’s smart, cultured, and treats Bucky good. So when she almost screamed the above phrase at our recent annual company meeting, it got my attention.

There I was in my plush black leather chair; looking good. And all Ashley kept talking about was this damn Pinterest thing…

How it’s been all over the news. How it’s spread like wildfire… with 7.2 MILLION unique visitors per month. And just what is this new website making people go crazy, spending hours at a time “pinning” images of trendy clothes, busty women, out-of-this-world food, and everything else in the Pinterverse?

Well, my two-legged friend, I’ll tell you…

Pinterest is a new social site with bookmarking, networking, and curation features COMBINED into one goldmine. According to the January 2012 Referral Traffic Report from Shareaholic, Pinterest is sending…

More traffic than Youtube, Linkedin,
and Google Plus COMBINED

Still in Beta mode, Pinterest is invite-only. You can get an invite by going to their homepage or asking a friend, but I can’t tell you how long it will be before they respond.

Now let’s get back to Ashley…

What was she talking about?

Well, millions of people are using Pinterest the same way they use Facebook; they spend a lot of time posting things but never make any money from it.

Ashley did the opposite. She wanted every pin to be monetized.

Here’s how it works. You can go to a website and “pin” an image of something you like. As an example, Ashley could “pin” a pair of shoes she’d love to buy from Charrlotte Russe. But that’s not good enough. That’s what a “normal” person would do.

Ashley “pins” the shoes BUT puts her affiliate link inside the pin. If a lady clicks on the image of the shoes in Pinterest, she will be taken to the website where it’s sold using Ashley’s affiliate link!

Pinterest will get the money gears turning in your mind.

Can you see the potential? You should, especially when all your “pins” can be posted to Facebook too!

You don’t have to use traditional affiliate programs…

Ashley uses programs even if they only give store credit. If you’re going to buy clothes, why not get store credit here and there to help you pay for them? Especially if you’re going to use social media anyways.

She’s had many signups. Here are just a few but the screenshot software wouldn’t go any further. The “Yes” means the person has ordered and thus Ashley got $25 in store credit. From now on, when one of these people place their first order…

Email addresses blotted out for privacy reasons.

…$25.00 in store credit will go to Ashley. She’ll get new shoes, jeans, jewelry, and all those outfits that make men howl. She’s already made $100 in store credit for less than a month’s worth of pins.

How to do it

We’ve spent the last two weeks making Profit with Pinterest. You’ll see the in’s and out’s of this new platform, how to use it, how to profit from its use, what you can and can’t pin, and how to integrate Pinterest with your blog and Facebook profile.

You can download all Profit with Pinterest videos right now; start earning cash and store credit just for showing other people things you like. You’re already spending time on Facebook and other social media, why not profit from it? You’ll have a new source of backlinks, boost affiliate commissions, capture offline clients, get new customers, divert targetted traffic, and increase video views with these 13 videos:

V1: What is Pinterest?

V2: Getting an Invite

V3: Logging into Pinterest

V4: The Pinterest Tour

V5: Pinterest Profile Panel

V6: Getting the Pin-it Button

V7: Making Your First Pin

V8: Viewing & Editing Pins

V9: Pinning Affiliate Links

V10: Pinning Google Docs

V11: Pinning Videos

V12: Leaving Comments

V13: Pinterest Share Plugin

Satisfaction GUARANTEED for Two Months

Don’t decide now, just download Profit with Pinterest and give it a try. Watch all the videos. See if you can use Pinterst for all your website, traffic-getting, and money-earning needs. If you don’t agree it’s a genius new way to get everything from video views to cash, then get your money back. You have ample time. Sixty days and nights to find to a flaw — if you’re not thrilled, one email will get all your money returned to your pocket.

Try it now without delay because…

Thanks for reading my letter.

Sincerely yours,
Buck A. Roo