eMarketer projects the U.S. podcasting audience, as a percentage of Internet users, will grow from 9% in 2008 to 17% in 2013…

Bucky’s Special Broadcast:

Your mouth can get fans so wild,
they tattoo your logo on their skin…

…and customers so loyal, they buy
your book even tho they heard it already

“Bucky, you’re live on the air in
5… 4… 3… 2… 1…”

G’day mates,

There are two things you humans love to do: talk and get paid.

This weekend, you get the chance to do both…

Over my life, I’ve learned to use my mouth to do all kinds of things. The three women in my lounge backstage will find out about that later. But that’s neither here nor there…

Be Seen As “The Expert”
Even When You Don’t Want To Be

You’ll be much more impressed with what Podcasting Consultant, Dave Jackson, is doing with his mouth. According to Jackson, “I do a podcast about weight loss… that

I’m NOT losing weight… people STILL ask me questions about weight loss. I even point out that I’m not a doctor or trainer. You have instant credibility.”

When it comes to positioning yourself as an authority and expert, a go-to-guy, nothing seems to beat podcasting. And just happens this Weekend Special is our new production, Podcasting for Promotion and Profit.

You can download your risk-free copy right now using the invitation at the bottom of this page. Until you get your copy, let me tell you some stories about what others have experienced while podcasting:

Customers So Loyal, It Can Be Scary!

There are legends in the podcasting community.

One such legend is Scott Sigler. His podcast listeners paid for copies of his book… even tho he had already read it to them on podcasts. Paperback sales were so high, his book was #2 only to Harry Potter.

Another legend comes from the “Keith and the Girl’s” podcast. Fans took their support to the next level by BRANDING their owns skins with the podcast’s logo.

Like a good date, podcasting is cheap but intimate

Podcasting lets you “date” your customers and prospects. It allows them to get to know you and built trust over time.

In Videos 1, 2, and 3 of Podcasting for Promotion and Profit, you’ll see how to start your own podcast, today, using all free resources. You won’t pay a dime to start but you will see some paid options you can use later.

Why use paid services? You don’t have to. But there are services you can use to host and stream your podcasts. You’ll learn about them plus all the free tools and unlimited streaming options… so you can podcast without bringing your website to a screeching halt.

When you podcast, you will notice customers feel closer to you. They’ll be familiar with your voice… so you never meet strangers! Imagine when your customers feel like they “know you already.”

Get all these benefits and more in your risk-free copy of Podcasting for Promotion and Profit. Until you download your copy, let me share some exciting news…

Digital Content Sales Are Up By 300%

Podcasting is still the future. According to some printed magazines, their sales are down 200% while digital content sales are up 300%.

Part of the reason is because podcasts are easier to listen to. A podcasting hosting service, Libsyn, reported in 2012, 50 million people downloaded 1.64 billion podcasts (do the math to see how many podcasts each person must have listened to!).

Listening to audio is something your customer can do while he multi-tasks. He can run, eat, drive, even work and still listen to a podcast. But can he watch a video or read a book while doing these things – no!

For a business, all of this leads to leads (and sales)

In the United States, 97 million people drive to work every day alone…

Plus, 37 million people have gym memberships. CNet says Apple has sold 410 million smart phones… and will sell 1 billion by 2015.

500 million Androids have been activated.

So it’s easy to see how the thirst for podcasting is set to increase year after year. But how will this affect business sales?

One company, The Outdoor Station, saw a 20% increase in sales of products mentioned in their podcast.

I invite you to get similar results as you…

Step Into Your Own Recording Studio
Risk-Free For One Year
With Podcasting for Promotion and Profit

Go along with Wayne Hatter. Step into your professional recording studio. You’ll see where to download everything you need to start. Today you’ll be producing a show called “3 Things You MUST Do Before Building Your Website”.

By the time you finish, you will know how to create, host, and broadcast your podcast to potentially millions of people. It’s up to you do the work and give good info – I can’t do that part.

But I can give you all the tips, tricks, and techniques to get you up and podcasting just minutes from now.

You get all this thru the new 9-video Podcasting for Promotion and Profit. By the time you finish, among so many other things, you will know:

How to title your podcasts

• Get a fresh, new website in minutes

Free WordPress plugin turns your dashboard into a podcast producing machine with all the essential features: iTunes submission, audio and video players, and more!

• How to provide direct download links for your podcasts

My 100% Unconditional One Year
Money Back Guarantee

Download your copy of Podcasting for Promotion and Profit right now. You will not risk a penny of your money for the next 365 days or nights.

You MUST start podcasting using all free resources. You MUST see a positive impact on your business or website in the next year. You must experience your customers and visitors becoming more loyal… you must see fans doing weird, strange things. You MUST see increases sales, credibility, and authority.

Otherwise, just send an email to support@thenetresults.com. My humans will send you a quick, full refund, usually in less than 24 hours. We don’t want to keep your money if you’re not happy. But you can keep the product forever, even if you get a refund.

Download Your Copy Now For $27

Thanks for reading my letter.

Your friend,

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