In a world where 99 in 100 affiliates fail…

Keep reading and five affiliates will tell you exactly
how they beat the odds and started living their dreams
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What did you do this morning?

Did you have to wake up earlier than you wanted? I bet you hit the snooze button on the alarm didn’t you? And then you finally got up, dragged yourself to the bathroom, stood there in the shower letting the warm water hit you and to top it all off… you had a crappy breakfast because you were in a rush to get out the front door…

But then it gets even better because now you have to deal with all the idiots the DMV gave a driver’s license. That’s right. People who can’t even read think they have the right to cut you off and then slam on their brakes. This is what you left the warmth of your home and pajamas for? Just to walk out into cold weather and spend 30 minutes (or more) everyday of your life just traveling to work.

And let’s talk about work. You hate it don’t you? You’re not paid enough. You’re not appreciated. Others get promoted over you because they kiss ass and you refuse to. Really… it’s taking you nowhere and it’s boring.

It’s a shame for you not to make good
money when these five affiliates do it so easily!

Most barriers holding you back are mental. Most believe in myths and perhaps don’t realize it. For example, you don’t have to make a huge monetary investment to have success online — in fact, it’s just the opposite. You also don’t have to be a programming genius or a marketing maven.

Mary Ann Johanson loves movies. So she started and writes reviews. Revenue is earned by selling DVDs, CDs, soundtracks, and more.

Jeff Ostroff bought a car but found out he bought a lemon. He was scammed. He took his experience to the web and started — the site aims to help people avoid scams and aid in finding a vehile that’s a perfect math for the consumer’s needs.

Ray Owens likes to laugh and thought others would too. He started and filled with riddles, puns, and jokes. He brings daily traffic with his “joke of the day” and offers premium subscriptions to anyone who wants to laugh harder.

Crystal Maleski emailed her friends about some of her cooking ideas. They loved them so much, she thought, maybe others would to. She was working long hours as a single mom when she started — now she wakes up excited, continues to learn and master a skill she loves, and gets to work from home.

Marney Makridakis loves arts and crafts. She started and as she puts it, “In one year’s time, I went from fiddling around with a hobby to manifesting a full-time business doing what I love: celebrating the creative uniqueness in an ever-growing community of thousands of people all over the world, inspiring them to uncover their artistic spirits and dare to let their creative souls shine.”

Here’s the big secret to getting what you want
…at least as an affiliate.

You ready?

Go into an INFORMATIONAL niche.

Don’t create a site aimed at selling one particular product. If you do, you have just hand-cuffed yourself to failure.

Look at what all the above sites had in common:

1) They give timeless information — if you deliver evergreen information, then your site will never grow old… your site will also be timeless. Fresh, unique, interesting, relevant information is what Google is after. Give it to them and they will reward you with rankings and deliver all the traffic you’ll need.

2) When readers consume your information and learn things they didn’t know… there’s a reciprocation factor at play. Now they want to do something for you. So giving readers interesting news and facts will spark word of mouth referalls and voluntary linking like you’ve only dreamed about.

3) Base your site on a hobby or topic you enjoy… that way, you’ll want to make more content. I’ll never understand why people pick niches they don’t know anything about! Pick a topic you’re interested in and you’ll already have something in common with all the visitors you’ll ever get to your website.

Oh and…

Don’t forget Google’s affiliate program

Creating a site like this is all the SEO you’ll ever need. Forget the latest techniques, gizmos, and scams. Google will love your site and recognize it as an authority. With all this intensely interesting information on your site, why not add Adsense? Google will present your readers with relevant ads and you can earn a passive income for years and years if you do this right.

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That doesn’t mean you should sell a Clickbank product, it means you can identify what is selling right now by using Clickbank as a resource.

You’ll see what to look for when selecting niches and keywords — how to get more keyword ideas (which are really ideas for blog posts and products) — using social bookmarking to start getting free traffic and backlinks to your site — tips for using press releases and video marketing — and way more than I want to list here.

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Only you can make this happen

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Buck A. Roo

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