Now! Get 1,241 PLR Articles At Half A Penny Per Article!

My Dear Money-Seeking Friend,

You asketh. Bucky delivereth…

And it just so happens this weekend’s seven dollar special is quite simple.

As a troop, you have voted for the PURE PLR Articles package to win, so let me tell you what you’re getting:

1) 1,241 PLR articles of different topics

2) The articles are between 400 to 500 words each

3) The content of the articles fall into 15 categories (NO Internet marketing or "make money" subjects)

4) The right to use the content of those articles however you wish

I know someone’s going to ask: "But Bucky! What are those dang categories/topics?"

So here they are, in a neat list:

Additions and Renovations
Alternative Fuel
Cloth and Fabrics
Common Metal
Exotic Garden
Extreme Sports
Farm and Gardening
Health Concerns
Home Gardening
Interior Design
Kids Toys
Personal Accessories
Seniors and Retirement

I’ll Admit: It’s true for all PLR articles. Don’t use them as-is. Change the article up a little to make it uniquely your own. This is how you overcome the silly idea that a market will be "saturated" with a PLR article. The research and writing have been done for you… all you have to do is make it sound like it came from you.

It’s a little bit of "work"… but you’ll receive more fruit for your labor (if you’re willing to do it).

Remember: PLR content can be used for blogs or emails. You can make entire products with PLR or you can make parts, chapters, or modules of products with PLR. You can quickly snip together high value giveaways (like special reports) to build your list (from Facebook fan pages, squeeze pages, etc). You can create content-rich videos by reading the articles into screen recording software (or record yourself with a camera if you’re not shy).

Your opportunities are limitless.

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Buck A. Roo

P.S. Have you ever tried to find a writer to create articles for you? If you have ever tried, here’s what you know… it’s expensive. Not very expensive but still… you’d at least have to pay $5.00 for a 500 word article. So now it may be more clear how extremely valuable this offer is…

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