For brekkie this morning, I was eating some big juicy blueberries when I had a thought…

Very few people succeed in this business without creating their own products.

Don’t get me wrong…

It’s just that you’ll do MUCH better when you get 100% of the revenue from a sale, as opposed to only 50% from an affiliate sale.

I can only suspect you know that already and it’s why you voted the six video series Quick & Easy Product Creation Techniques to be this weekend’s Seven Buckaroo special which you can get immediate access to when you pay a measly seven bucks, right here, right now.

And I don’t have to tell you…

Product creation is a frustrating and time-consuming process — most people are completely in the dark when it comes to being comfortable making and selling their own products.

I absolutely guarantee: You will be 100% more confident and comfortable creating products if you invest seven dollars in this weekend’s promo. As always, you have a thirty day money back guarantee.

And think about this: How are you going to create a back end for your business without creating products?

You can’t. Let’s get real…

That devilish kangaroo logic works, doesn’t it? Get yours now:

The module titles are as follows (and keep in mind, you get videos, pdf documents, mindmaps, and videos for your iPhone or iPod).

Module 1 — Article Action Plan
Module 2 — Overnight Blogging
Module 3 — The Two Best Online Business Models
Module 4 — How To Get A Flood Of Good Ideas
Module 5 — Creating Lots of Content Quickly
Module 6 — How To Launch A New Product Every 7 Days

If you’re on the fence, check out this list of things you’ll discover:

The real point of writing articles… you’re really just after this one thing. (So, don’t make it difficult… it isn’t.)

The trick to writing quality articles, fast! Just fight the urge to do this one productivity killer…

Why you should never use article spinning software.

The key to increasing creativity and remove writer’s block.

How to find great ideas for article content in seconds.

The 7-Minute Article Formula — How to systematize article writing so you produce high quality articles, so fast, you’ll be worried you’ve written too much (instead of too little)!

Why you should never submit a bunch of articles to a directory at one time. (The pros know this… do you?)

Three ways to turn articles into subscription funnels that drive traffic to your site and convert visitors into subscribers.

The difference between content you should publish on your blog verses on article directories.

The RAT GUM Formula

Never run out of ideas for blog posts again. (Ever.)

The two (and only two) info-business models to chose from.

Should you go Horizontal or Vertical?

How to test a niche quickly so you can drop the bad ones and build back ends for the profitable ones!

Breakthroughs won’t come with conscious thought… here’s how to let your subconscious mind connect the dots!

Most people waste their good ideas: There’s one thing you must do when you get good ideas (they cannot be forced out of your brain).

Five techniques to inspire creativity and rapidly get and implement good ideas in your business.

Got a bunch of ideas and not sure which to act on? Use the 60 Second Rule (no… not the one when you drop food) to hone in on your idea and sharpen them like fine knives so it’s easy to decide which idea is best and most profitable.

Creating content can be frustrating and usually leads to dragging your feet. Use these tips to properly mange your time and turn yourself into an unstoppable content producing machine!

Everything you SHOULDN’T focus on when content creation is the goal.

How to double your article output.

The trick to using your competitive spirit to push you harder and further.

How to get in creative writing “mood”.

One time management tip that could triple your productivity.

Produce videos twice as fast. (Maybe faster!!)

The behavior you must stop to be a prolific product creator. (You won’t have to give up family time, but you might have to drop a few habits you picked up on the Warrior Forum.)

The Rapid Product Launch Questionnaire

The keys to make Downsells and Dimesales work for you!

…and there’s a whole lot more where that came from.

Last call! For only $27


Buck A. Roo
Sexiest Kangaroo Alive

P.S. Almost forgot — as a bonus you’ll also receive a Fast Start PDF guide that will show you how to get up to speed FAST… but hurry! This offer will
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