For the person who wants to know his market better than anyone else:

How To Read The Minds That Pay You

Today, you take a trip through the human mind…

See how you can:

Find almost unlimited ideas and content for your products, books, presentations, and more! Never again will you struggle to satisfy your need for content

How to see what your customers and prospects are reading, asking, watching, and buying. Discover exactly what they want NOW and earn profits for getting it to them

Many reasons Google isn’t safe – and why it shouldn’t be your ONLY search engine. How to keep Big Brother off your back and maybe even stay of prison

If you want money from your prospects… and more money from your customers… perhaps it would help you to understand them better?

Perhaps it would pay to know what’s going on in the minds of the people who buy products in your market?
If only you knew what they search for, read, buy, ask, and watch…

If only you knew their opinions, experiences, and problems

Now you can…

Introducing! A little-known method of finding
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I would like to invite you on a trip through the minds of the masses in your marketplace – a chance to understand the people who pay you; and “get in their heads” like never before.

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James has finally finished and released our newest course called “Finding Red Hot Markets.” All of his Kindle students and book-publishing customers need to pay close attention.

You get 13 videos in “Finding Red Hot Markets” – you’ll see how James gets unlimited access to the most valuable content and content ideas. You’ll learn how he puts his finger on the pulse of the market and can predict “the next big thing.”

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My name is B. Roo and the B stands for Buck! I’m the Chief Animal Officer around here (at least in my own office).

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is for you; the bad news is for me.

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I guess I’ll have to tell my girlfriends: Mary, Kyndall, Lola, Kelly, and Sasha… that our trip to the lake will have to wait.

Turn FREE Suggestions
Into Cash And Content!

You may have noticed when you start to type a phrase into search engines, they try to “autocomplete” your search based on what others have typed.

Here’s an example:

In “Finding Red Hot Markets”, you will see how James uses these “suggestions” to rapidly build Kindle books, info products, even blog posts!

You can learn to find today’s top searches, how often a topic has been searched or appeared in the news, see the location of the searchers, plus view the fastest rising search queries:

* See what info products are being searched for now

* Read the questions on the minds of your buyers

* View the concerns, problems, and opinions shared by your prospects

* Get unlimited valuable information for your research

* Discover “hidden” niche markets for your product

Plus, you will never again be limited or endangered by Google…

The Case Against ALWAYS Using Google

I like Google.

I appreciate what they do.

But can using Google get you put into prison?

Here are some facts: Google tracks, stalks, saves, and stores everything you use it for. Do a search for “cure for herpes” and you could find embarrassing ads follow you around (online) for days.

To make things worse, all of this stored info over at Google can be accessed by the government almost at will.

Remember, even the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, General David Petraeus, had his Gmail emails read by the FBI.

If a four-star general isn’t safe, are you?

So there’s good cause not to ALWAYS use Google.

But what other options are there? And where are they? How can they be accessed and used the best way?

I’m glad you asked. Because that’s also covered in “Finding Red Hot Markets.” You’ll learn to use WAY more than just Google.

You’ll learn to:

* Save time when you cut clutter! Use the “decision” engine that cuts down on the junk returned in a “search” engine like Google

* You get years of solutions, content, and videos. See what videos get the most attention, what solutions get searched for the most, and fill up a new book full of content within hours

* Where to download images in the public domain that you can use free of charge

* One of the only “human powered” search engines? You get fewer results, but they’re all higher quality and more relevant

Last but not least…

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