For people who are sick and tired of not having the money to do what they want and can, on occasion, be heard saying:


Here’s how they can make up to $480 per hour and quickly fund:

1) Their brilliant business ideas…

2) Family vacations to the best destinations…

3) New toys for their kids (and themselves)

4) The next rent or mortgage payment

5) A better car and other nice doodads

If you would like to know how to use skills and products you already have and make modest money — like 40 bucks — for five minutes of effort, then keep reading because this message will make you a very happy person.

It bothers me still…

Even four years after my mom died, I still think of how she struggled. And it bothers me.

A single mom. A single income. She worked so hard; everyday! And it was never enough. There never seemed to be enough money.

She was one of those rare people with a good work-ethic. She gave a lot of her life to her employers; she had to. But as much effort as she put into life, she just never got paid well.

I found out after she passed away that, every Christmas, she would renew a loan just to buy our gifts.

In contrast….

She was the opposite of someone like James J. Jones. He doesn’t depend on any one person or company for money.

For the last two decades, he’s never gone hungry and never denied himself, or a loved one, something they wanted or needed.

How did he do it? Well, he’s got this quirky ability to see money-making ideas. As an example…

$1,125.00 In One Day

James made $1,125.00 in one day by selling junk most people would never want in thier home. I’ve seen him buy things for a few dollars and sell them for $25 a pop. I’ve seen him turn pennies into dollars, dimes into $20 bills… the stories are endless.

James, for almost half his lifetime, has tested little-known ways of making money online and clever methods to profit offline too. For him, it’s not about getting rich, it’s about living in comfort.

These methods won’t get you a Lamborgini or a McMansion. James isn’t that kind of guy; he’s not extravagant. To use an expression I learned from my mom, he will, “squeeze a dollar ’til it hollars.”

Get 19 years of experience in one evening

James has never taught a lot of his methods, in public.

He has, in secret, sold some information under pen-names. And that information is exactly what’s on the table as this weekend’s special.

He has placed all his “science of money-getting” into a special volume called Seed Money: How to quickly riase money to fund your ventures.

You’ll learn how to earn modest money so you can turn your dreams into realities, or ideas into businesses. You’ll see how to use your skills, even products (like software) you own, to serve others and profit.

Locked inside Seed Money are an infinite array of ideas you can combine to fund almost anything your little heart desires. Why deny those you love the things they want when you don’t have to?

The fact is: You DO have, RIGHT NOW, every skill and every product you need to make up to $480 per hour. Seed Money will show you why and how… along with other secrets like:

  • How to turn a $4.00 sale into a $40.00 sale. Page 4.
  • This website lets you trade things like used-CDs for other goodies… like iPods… even iPads! Page 7.
  • How to title auctions to get more bids and up to a 26.6% higher sale price! Page 11 tells you.
  • WARNING: Make one of these three Craigslist-selling mistakes and your ad is doomed to fail. Page 4 reveals them.
  • How to make almost guaranteed cash during “back-to-school” season. Page 5.
  • Are you familiar with WordPress? Can you use Twitter? Add buttons to blogs? Then you can get paid! See page 12.
  • Where to find items people have “pre-ordered”… but the store doesn’t have the items yet. All you do is sort by price and start filling the most expensive orders! Page 7.

Can you make at least $50 with this info?

What about $100.00? Don’t you agree you could get a measley $200 by using just one of these techniques?

What’s that? You say you do? Excellent!

I knew you were smarter than the average bear. And I’m glad you agree because I’ve got good news for you.

This marketing intel report will not cost you $20 — it will not cost you $15 — it won’t even cost you $9.99. If you try it now, you can get it for…


Before I tell you, I have something else to say.

Sometimes people worry, if they sell the unwanted stuff they own, won’t they run out of stuff to sell?

It’s a valid concern. But the truth is, you may not even have stuff you want to sell. And you don’t need to do that anyways!

There are fortunes hidden all around you.

Remember when I said James can “see” these opportunities at every turn? Well, he wrote another special report called…

How to find lost and hidden treasures in your neighborhood!

And, if you try Seed Money today, I’m going to give you this second intel report at no charge. You’ll learn:

  • The “A.K.A.” formula for finding hidden treasure in your town.
  • How to make money when you stay in hotels.
  • The secret of 2,000 diamonds! Did you know 2,000 precious stones are lost in the United States… every day! How to find almost-invisible diamonds lying on the ground. Page 10.
  • How to use sunglasses to get rubies and emeralds that have cut their way into the ground. Yes, others will see you and think you’re a crazy-bird. But who cares?!?
  • Another reason to love the Sun! How to find precious stones in parking lots… and when to look! Page 11.
  • Pull treasure out of grease-spots with pinewood? Page 11.
  • How to spot the secret places others have used to “play pirate” and hide their treasure. Page 13.
  • How to make money by visiting thrift shops, estate sales, and flea markets… without buying anything! Page 14.
  • How to find where criminals hide their loot. Just don’t search during daylight hours or you might get popped. Page 16.

    And now, I’m pleased to tell you…

    If you act today, you can get BOTH Seed Money and Hidden Treasures for…Only $27


    I’m glad you asked.

    Download both reports right now and you get…

    60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

    Flip through the pages and put this information to use. You have plenty of time — sixty days and nights.

    You MUST get more real money-producing ideas than ever before. You MUST find the hidden treasures in your town. You MUST bring in real green cash in greater amounts than you ever thought you could…

    Or you can keep both Seed Money and Hidden Treasures as my gift and get all your money back. It’s easy to do.

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    The next time you look…

    You’ll see a higher price.

    So try it your copy now for only $27.

    Thanks for reading this.


    Buck A. Roo

    P.S. Others who’ve tried James’s methods have sent in glowing messages. Here are some of them:

    Original Message
    From: ‘Jeremy Pope’
    To: James J Jones
    Subject: So many great ideas

    James’ book has so many great ideas in it, I guess I was bound to find something useful. The really interesting thing to me about this book was how many of these ideas can play into each other, or into other marketing campaigns, if you just look with an eye toward connecting the dots. Guerrilla marketing at its finest! I use some of these ideas to help friends and clients get started making some extra money, and get them headed toward financial independence. Feels good, and
    very much worth doing.

    Jeremy Pope

    Original Message
    From: ‘Michelle Mullen’
    To: James J Jones
    Subject: Couldn’t stop reading…

    I couldn’t stop reading! Great, useful ideas that you can immediately put to use right now to get extra money. I intend to use one of the ideas right away that should put thousands in my pocket in the next few months.

    Thank you for such a great product.

    Michelle Mullen

    Original Message
    From: ‘Amy Reagan’
    To: James J Jones
    Subject: Highly recommend for stay-at-home mothers and parents

    I highly recommend this to stay-at-home mothers and parents who just want to be flexible to their kids. I run a website geared toward families and have recomended this book to parents looking to make real money. The ideas listed here are not the worn out ones that exist everywhere on the web but really don’t produce real money.
    The ideas in this e-book are fresh and real money makers.

    Amy Reagan

    Original Message
    From: ‘Steve Chamberland’
    To: James J Jones
    Subject: I Feel Protected…

    Hi James,

    Boy am I glad I bought this product! I actually feel protected, in a way, because
    I know I won’t be hurting for money anytime soon.

    Steve Chamberland

    Original Message
    From: ‘Diana Potts’
    To: James J Jones
    Subject: You’ve renewed my faith in ebooks…

    Well, I was prepared for a few next to impossible ideas on how to generate money. I was VERY pleasantly suprised at the ideas found in your book. Not only were the ideas great for making money quickly but also came with complete instructions on how it was to be done. I’ve ordered lots of ebooks that give you the idea but never the “how to” steps necessary to do it. Your book is so complete I don’t see how anyone could fail to generate money doing this. I appreciate the fact that you gave more than you advertised. You’ve renewed my faith in ebooks again. Thanks again. I have to run…..lots of ideas to get started on from you book.

    Thanks again.

    Diana Potts