Why is R.L. Mathewson – a self-published New York Time’s Best-Selling Author (as of August 5th, 2012) who Apple iBookstore calls “a break out author” – now saying:

“I’ve decided to distribute all future
books solely through Smashwords?”

Exposed in this eye-opening article:

- Is Smashwords a better place to publish than Amazon? These startling facts will surprise you…

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- How to get your book FULLY distributed, at no charge?

Dear Publisher,

One month and two days after she became a New York Times best-selling author, R.L. Mathewson was asked in an interview:

“How did you discover Smashwords, and how has it assisted your publishing and distribution strategy?”

R.L. Mathewson then said, “I discovered Smashwords by accident. I couldn’t find a way to self-publish through Borders.com, so I contacted customer service and was directed to Smashwords.

“Publishing through Smashwords has made the process of publishing really quite easy. I still self-publish through Amazon.com and B&N for my older books, but for iBooks, Kobo, etc., I find it easier to go through Smashwords. It saves me a great deal of time and if I have a problem, I found that Smashwords customer service is really helpful. That’s a huge plus for someone who publishes on her own.

“With the new improvements that they’ve made, I’ve decided to distribute all future books solely through Smashwords for distribution to Amazon.com and B&N to further simplify the process.”

Another happy author has said:

“Ignore Smashwords at your peril”

Amazon is 2,000 times larger than Smashwords.

Amazon owns 60% of the ebook market.

So why is R.L. Mathewson jumping ship and going to Smashwords? Why are successful authors like Ruby Barnes saying, “Ignore Smashwords at your peril”?

What does this little company have going for them that authors don’t see in other options? Let’s hear from the authors themselves…

Commercially successful authors reveal one of their secrets:

Would you like to know how best-selling authors say you too can enjoy the benefits of being a successful writer?

Here’s their tip: Maximize distribution!

“Distribution” is the process of making your book available for sale at MAJOR ebook retailers.

Follow this logic.

In a recent reader survey, people said nearly HALF of all books they purchased were as a result of “random browsing.” People don’t usually know in advance what books they’re going to buy BEFORE they walk into the store.

Therefore, you can NOT be famous, NOT have the best marketing, and NEVER have written a book before….

…but STILL sell thousands of copies of your book just because it’s fully distributed. Since there are more chances it will be sold, it sells more.

This is great news, IF you have a valuable book. IF your book is not good and better served as kindling to a fire, then full distribution won’t help you.

According to Smashwords founder, Mark Coker, “Smashwords is the largest distributor of indie (a.k.a. “self-published”) ebooks. We distribute ebooks to online retailers such as the Apple iBookstore (32 countries), Barnes & Noble, Sony, Diesel, Kobo (multiple countries), Baker & Taylor (the Blio platform and Axis360 library service), and many others.”

Are your books in 32 countries? Or…

Do you have an “invisible book”?

The “invisible” book rarely sells any copies.

Readers ignore it.

Invisible books are “stuck in the mud.” Because they’re not selling, they don’t benefit from the retailer’s automated merchandising algorithms. Readers are reluctant to take a chance on them.

Most books that fall into the invisible book category usually face one or more of the following problems:

A) Lacks a critical mass of reviews at retailers or has only poor reviews.

B) Poor cover design.

C) Poorly edited.

D) The story (or the information, if non-fiction) is weak.

E) The book is improperly priced.

F) The book is improperly categorized.

G) The book isn’t distributed to the major retailers.

The solution for an “invisible” book:

How To Self-Publish With Smashwords

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How to catch the eye of a major retailer so
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And the same is true for retailers. The best way to get a person or a retailer to buy your book is, first…

1) To put your book in front of the potential reader

Duh, right?

But how are you going to get your book in front of one of the “big stores?”

And second…

2) Have a book cover image that makes the reader want to open the book!

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How to get your book fully distributed

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OR you can create a Smashwords account and they’ll do it for you. Each retailer has unique requirements for your book “file and metadata.” Smashwords takes your book and formats it to work at all locations possible.

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