Let me tell you the story about the time James. J. Jones was quoted:

$10,000.00 for a
10-minute video?

That’s right, Cupcake… Whiteboard “scribe” videos
the ones where a hand draws and writes on a whiteboard
are so effective one company tried to charge us
$1,000 per minute to create one…

Now we’ve found a way to make
your own for free for seven days:

Here’s the story…

One day, that ole country bumpkin, James Jones, had a grand idea. He wanted to use one of them fancy whiteboard videos with the hand drawing and writing while a narrator speaks.

He didn’t need a long video. 10 minutes would do. But country folk are frugal by nature… they ain’t big spenders. So when James was quoted $10,000.00 for this 10- minute video, he… peed himself a little… and then went in search of another option. After all…

There’s Got To Be A Better Way
Than Paying $10,000 For These Videos!

Why in the world are they so expensive?

Well, Dean Media Group produces them for a living. Reps from the company say,
“People enjoy watching them, regardless of their topic. They’re simply great at capturing and holding attention. By keeping viewers focused, they are undistracted. They don’t wander. They learn.”

Now there’s an easier way than EVER before to create your own whiteboard videos without having your own whiteboard, camera, or previous experience doing so.

You can make them as long as you want… add a hand to draw images and write any text you want… add royalty-free background music from a large collection… and you can do this all by yourself just 30 minutes after you download my new course…

“Lightning Fast Video Creation with Almost Magic Software”

My name is B. Roo and I’m the Chief Animal Officer here at The Net Results. I’m happy to report my boss’s helper, Stacey Swift, has found a new software that will make these whiteboard “scribe” videos for you… plus…

• You DON’T have to pay upfront for the software

• You DON’T have to know how to draw

• You DON’T even have to make the video yourself

Does it make you excited to know…

You can now produce these $1,000 per minute videos
for pennies on the dollar!

Why? Because you voted this product to be the weekend special. So you get this one
chance to grab my new 7-video course for…

Only $27.00

They are:

Video 1 – Introduction
Video 2 – Install The Software
Video 3 – Adding Images
Video 4 – Adding Text & Callouts
Video 5 – Adding a Soundtrack
Video 6 – Hand and Paper Options
Video 7 – Adding Voice Narration

- Add all the images and emoticons you want to your video

- Use all kinds of fonts, font sizes, even callouts and other drawings

- Pick a hand (right or left) or use your own (premium version)

- Change colors, textures, or anything else

- Make videos enjoyable with soundtracks and narration

There’s more!
Get my Fast Action Guide for this software absolutely free

Download your copy of Lightning Fast Video Creation now and I’ll also give you my Fast Action Guide for this software. You get at-a-glance instructions on how to use the software, what different buttons do, how to get the most out of your copy, etc…

I’ll give it to you free with risk-free trail of Lightning Fast Video Creation. But that’s not the end of the good news…

You also get my exclusive…

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Otherwise, get your money back. I don’t want to keep it if you don’t think I’ve earned it. So accept this risk free trail with confidence that I’m making this offer – with all the risk on me – because I know you’ll love Lightning Fast Video Creation.

Guaranteed to keep your visitors longer and
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Isn’t it worth $27 to get people to spend more time on your site?

Isn’t it worth $27 to boost your sales conversion with these videos?

According to a study by Real Networks Inc, 78% of website visitors stayed longer on sites with video. According to another study by Chamberlain Research, 82.6% of consumers are more likely to buy from a website with video.

These videos are proven to increase sales and engage prospects. Now they’ll never cost you $1,000 per minute. Instead, try Lightning Fast Video Creation right now for only $27.00.

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And just so we’re 100% clear: what you are getting for your hard earned $7 bucks is a set of video tutorials that will show you how to create these attention getting videos using a software product called Sparkol. You can get a 7 day free trial of Sparkol which is plenty of time to create your first video — IF you follow Stacey’s tutorials. I’m also including a bonus on how to sell your videos to local business owners.

Thanks for reading my letter.

Your friend,

Buck A. Roo
The Net Results, LLC
11121 Carmel Commons Blvd
Suite 305
Charlotte, NC 28226

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