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You can now sell your product on Seven Buckaroos!

Here’s how to do it:

If you created and own a how-to program or information product that the Buckaroo Troop will love, then fill out the form below.

Buck personally reviews all submissions. To give you an idea, here’s what he’s looking for: The product must be high-quality and actionable info; videos, audios, and/or PDFs are preferred; software products and WordPress plugins are NOT preferred.

Obviously, you should have created this product… it shouldn’t be a product you purchased the rights to sell.

After Buck looks over your application, and if he finds the product to be a good fit, he will give you a phone call. So be sure to enter a real phone number.

What will you get paid? It depends. Each product is unique and will require its own unique deal. Most will sell for $7.00 for at least one day (preferably a weekend) — but even if you don’t want to sell your product for $7.00, still let Buck know about it because he can work out another deal.

Here’s the form: