“How to Increase the Size of Your List,
Generate Massive Social Proof and Create
Ultra Loyal, Click-Happy Clients Forever”

John S. Rhodes is the unstoppable force behind the wildly popular Juggernaut training programs (Juggernaut SEO and Juggernaut Article Marketing). In addition, he provides behind-the-scenes support to the biggest names in internet marketing… his strategic planning skills and tactical delivery of high-powered marketing advice is legendary.

John will explain how to connect “customer assets” together in your business to get more traffic AND convert normal customers into fanatical fans and rabid buyers.

You’ll discover:

1. The most simple way to create instant “social authority” in less than 24 hours.

2. How to get people to love everything you write about and every product you sell.

3. The one small “mental trick” to turn angry customers into crazy, insane, loyal fans.

4. An easy way to get people to take action on all your affiliate promotions.

5. How to create a blood-thirsty “feeding frenzy” before you even start selling.

6. A neglected technique you can use to get on game-crushing JV leaderboards

7. And much more…

Sincerely yours,