If I keep predicting the future with so much accuracy, they’re gonna start calling me Buckadamus.

I knew you’d love the Turbo-Power Graphics pack… and not just because of the cool name. This package is filled with top-notch, high quality graphics that catch eyes and open wallets. And you voted the graphics pack as A Seven Buckaroo special. That means you’re about to get a whole bunch of stuff for only twenty-seven buckaroos.

How much stuff?

Let me show you.

Here’s what’s included:

10 Main Sales Pages
unique and beautiful in basic design.

10 Main Sales Pages with an Opt-In Header
- allowing your visitors to quickly and easily leave contact details while you build a subscriber list.

10 Thank You Pages - letting customers know you appreciate their purchases.

10 One Time Offer or Special Offer Pages - so you can alert your customers to unique deals and savings or limited opportunities.

10 Testimonial Boxes in Basic Designso your customers will know the level of quality you provide and the level of happiness previous customers have experienced.

10 Video Testimonial Boxes - beautifully designed and ready for your video testimonials.

10 Audio and Photo Testimonial Boxesready for you to insert your pictures and testimonials of past customers.

10 Squeeze Pages in Basic Designsall unique and beautiful.

10 Squeeze Pages Featuring Audio Capabilitiesready for your voice over features.

10 Squeeze Pages Featuring Video Capabilities

10 Review Pages - allowing you to post reviews of products (even your own) so visitors know their value.

10 Adsense Ready Pagespaste your Adsense codes with no problems.

10 Sets of Matching Trimmingsincluding bullets, check marks, buy now buttons, and blank order buttons.

10 Power Video Skins

As you can see, that’s like a bazillion graphics for 27 dollars.

(Really: It’s not a bazillion. It’s 140. Divided into twenty-seven bucks, that’s a nickel per graphic.)

An outstanding deal.

And one you can take advantage of right here:

I thought you’d enjoy actually SEEING what you’re GETTING… so I posted five sample screenshots to demo what these graphics look like.

The pictures are here: Check them out!


Buck A. Roo

P.S. Research has proven that visitors to your website are directly affected by the visual aspects of the site.

It’s either impressive or not. Effective or not. Profitable or not.

And only you know the truth about your sites.

But if you’re interested in killer graphics that give you a professional, polished look, then I’ve got an amazing deal for you. You can get the Turbo-Power Graphics Pack for only seven dollars, this weekend only.

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