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Stop Dreaming And Start Making Money

Only weeks ago, James J. Jones put out the order! He gave a commission to Stacey Swift (who is secretly in love with me). He laid out the blueprint for her and said…

“Stacey, let’s finally show people exactly how I make money online. Let’s show them how to use Google’s keyword tool and Micro Niche Finder to find crazy little niches nobody else will ever think of…

“…Then let’s show them how to sift and sort those niches to cull out ONLY the best ones; the ones worth their weight in gold; the ones with TONS of opportunities to earn Adsense cash, Amazon commissions, and handfuls of attractive affiliate programs…

“…Then let’s detail how to find the best domain for their niche; but let’s expose how we usually buy AGED domains instead of new ones. Let’s talk about getting domains at auctions. Let’s show how to verify traffic levels, page rank, and everything advertised about those domains…

“…But we need to go into the technical side. We need to show them, after they buy the domain, how to pick a good hosting plan, how to set up the nameservers, install WordPress…

“…If they EVER want to sell their sites, or flip them, they’re going to need reseller accounts. So let’s tell them about those. Let’s detail how to get one. I want you to go step-by-step and show them exactly how to set it up…

“…Teach them how to take content from anywhere, even PLR content, and spin it. Tell them about the two free article spinners we use. Then, I want you to show them how to populate the site with content AND where to find outsourcers who will do mundane tasks for cheap.”

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Most people would make a course like this and slap a $97.00 price sticker on it… Most people would pay for fancy graphics and hype-up what you’re getting … Most people would make promises that could never be filled.

James Jones isn’t “most people.”

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I used my lasso to grab that ole’ James Jones. I sat him down in the rocking chair on his porch and reasoned with the old fella.

Eventually, he saw things my way. We know Turnkey Websites is worth way more than even the $27.00 price tag. We know your very first commissions will pay you back FIVE TIMES that price.

However, if you will try it this weekend; if you will send us your loving testimonial; we will let you try it risk-free for only $27.00.

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You get the whole she-bang. All ELEVEN videos:

Video 0 – Introduction
Video 1 – Registering With GoDaddy
Video 2 – Finding Good Topics
Video 3 – Searching for and Buying a Domain
Video 4 – Signing Up with Hostgator
Video 5 – Hostgator Nameserver Setup
Video 6 – Setting Up Your Reseller Accounts
Video 7 – Installing WordPress On Your Site
Video 8 – Using Niche Reports for Content
Video 9 – Article Spinning
Video 10 – Outsourcing the Content

Videos made by the lovely Stacey Swift (whose voice makes Bucky purr like a kitten and roll around on his belly).

Just to strengthen the deal, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.

You normally get a two-month unconditional guarantee.


Instead, you get a…

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Buck A. Roo
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