Why a new breed of malware might attack you or people you know in a couple of days…

Could Monday be “Internet doomsday” for YOU?

Find out below:

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It was called “Operation Ghost Click.”

On November 8th of 2011, the FBI arrested a few cyber-criminals. These criminals worked under a company named “Rove Digital.”

But instead of producing goods and services, these people were producing viruses and malware.

Of all their creations, none will get more glory from the cyber-criminal underworld than DNSChanger Malware.

Your Computer Might Be Infected!

Bad news: There’s a chance your computer is infected with this malware. If it is…

There’s no way you’d know.

This special breed of malware changes the servers that your computer “talks” to, to get Internet access.

This malware is dangerous because it creates an alternate Internet. It creates a brand new info-superhighway made of: altered search results, fake websites, and dangerous products.

If you haven’t heard of DNSChanger, it’s because the FBI did their job, arrested the criminals, and protected us against the malware.

Somehow, the FBI replaced the servers that the DNSChanger malware was directing computers to. Therefore, your computer could be infected and you wouldn’t even know it.

However, if you’ve been alive any good length of time… you know the government always drops the ball if you give it enough time.

Court order expires Monday, July 9th, 2012!

Under a court order, the FBI is only required to protect you from this malware until July 9th.

On that day, the FBI’s curtain of protection will come down. If your computer is infected, you will not be allowed access to the Internet.

Instead, some of your favorite sites like Facebook and Google will refuse access to you with a simple message, like: “Your computer or network might be infected.”

How to detect the malware:

You can use this website to detect if your computer has the DNSChanger malware:


If you are infected, the site will tell you what to do next.


Don’t worry.

We know plenty about this new malware.

If you are infected, you will be able to get rid of it.

Are you prepared for this New World?

It’s amazing to live in this advanced age. An age with enough technology to do almost anything we can imagine.

Yet one single human being can sit in a little dark basement and steal hundreds of thousands of credit card numbers.

One lone programmer can infect millions of computers with viruses, trojans, worms, and anything else.

A person who has never met you can destroy your financial life; delete years of your hard work; steal your files, documents, passwords, secrets; spend your money; ruin everything you’ve worked for.

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Fastest, Simplest Way to Speed Up Your Computer

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The 9 Videos of Tweak Your PC:

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Video 6: Adjust Visual Effects

Video 7: Don’t Automatically Start Programs

Video 8: Clean computer registry

Video 9: Reinstall or Upgrade the Operating System

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